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My brain....

Our Heroine: Okay, Brain! It's time to write a novel!
Our Heroine's Brain: You have got to be kidding me.
OH: Nope! Let's get cracking! Deadline is looming!
OHB: You realize my last day off was March 9th?
OH: The deadline waits for no brain!
OHB: You realize that I have written an average of 2,194.176 words a day for you every day since March 9th?
OH: So? There's still one hundred eighty pages of book we need to write. And today is that scene in Engineering, where you get to introduce what's-her-name.
OHB: So, I have needs, you stupid selfish neocortex. And besides, you can't make me. I'm on strike.
OH: Just one little sentence?
OHB: Not on your life. Wheedling won't work. I'm taking the day off. This is not negotiable.
OH: ...
OHB: We are, you know, on schedule. Even a little ahead.
OH: ...
OHB: And you are a scary obsessive personality who needs to lighten up.
OH: You're only just noticing that now? Besides, most of that is your fault.
OHB: Besides, you have to run errands this afternoon. And then you have a dinner date. So as soon as you got started you would have to quit and go do something else.
OH: ...well, I guess we could do laundry. We really need to do laundry.
OHB: See? You have been working on the novel so much that you don't even have clean socks. Also, you need to go to the post office and the bank.
OH: Well...
OHB: Yes?
OH: ...what if we take the day off, and try again after dinner?
OHB: ...I'll think about it.
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