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Progress notes for 29 March 2008


New words: 1444
Microsoft wordcount: 48094
Manuscript wordcount: 57000 
Deadline: May 1
Mammalian assistance: Mostly, I was neglected 
Reason for stopping: There's nine hours of work in that six pages. It seems like a lot of effort for very little return. They're a pretty awful six pages, too, which makes me unhappy.

Also, the space bar on my damned laptop is dying. Replacement gets closer and closer.

Darling du jour: I hate every word.
Jury-rigging: Well, I figured out what Jsutien's job was. That's nice to know on page 220. Something else to fix in the next draft. Thank God writing is not a performance art.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  None of these people have personalities. Something else I hope they grow by the next draft.

Today's words Word don't know:  astrogrator, astrogation, tzaraath,
Mean Things: Parental angst
Other writing-related work: Some SU stuff. I seriously need to get some deadlines pushed back here; I'm going to have a Serious Malady of some sort otherwise. Or possible just lose my ability to communicate. Or write. Or write anything but hackwork.

Exercise: crunches, "ran" two miles. (When we say "ran," we mean "waddled.")
Miles to Lothlorien: 248.7
Guitar practice: I was low-blood-sugary, but I did practice somewhat. Poorly, because I was hungry and clumsy. God, was I clumsy today.
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