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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon and morgan gun

Criminal Minds 3x14, DAMAGED, spoileriffical

Okay. That was... adequate. Not the best episode of CM ever, but a perfectly functional one, and neck-deep in fan service.

It did had some fabulous lines.

And it opens with a dream sequence....

Rossi, nightmares, toys, blood. The toes are a nice touch. Is the palm across the face the universal sign for "nightmare" since the silent screen days? PTSD! Drink!

We paid good money to dress Penelope's apartment set, and by god we will use it.

"You're coming in!"

Rossi is an asshole. Drink!
Rossi is behind the times, and sexist. Drink, drink.

"Unloofaed." That scream you just heard was as if a million Garcia/Morgan shippers cried out, and were silenced.

Nice ink, Nicky!

CM contradicts its own canon, drink. (However, unlike the first season comment that there were no fraternization rules, this one is, I think, in like with official Bureau policy. More honored in the breach than in the observance...)

Stripper FTW! She's not ending up in no Tom Waits song.
"Freak." That's not Rossi, sweetheart. He's still on the plane. Also, check the back seat before you get in the car.
Oh, look. Toys.

A Rossi quote, and some stock footage of Indianapolis. And we're quoting neuroscientists now.
"Sit." Oh, JJ. I love you. And I love Garcia too. The women on this show rock.

And Prentiss notices the picky detail.

"Rossi is the reason most of these fraternization rules even exist." heh. "Doesn't showering with somebody always seem like a better idea before you actually do it."
JJ and Garcia, The Friendship, is a thing of beauty.

Okay, Haley still calling Hotch's cell phone twenty times a day? You lose that privilege when you file for divorce.

Reid with snow globe, trying to protect Hotch: pure comedy gold.

Reid just got fangirled by Assitant Warden Merriman. OMG. Either than, or that was a totally blatant pass. 
And he's a serial killer fan.

"It's not our first time in a prison." And yet, Hotch, you make a totally basic mistake. I refer you to yourself, earlier this season, about keeping one's mind on the job.

PTSD! Drink!

"I sort of punched a guy."
The damaged family, clinging together, is heartbreaking. Look! Toys!

Yeah, Everybody's damaged. Rossi, Reid, Hotch. The survivors. And the monster.

"Sometimes, in these interviews, they talk about crimes they were never charged with, so it might even be more."
"It's never less?"
Spencer, you enjoyed that.

Hotch explains projection. Drink.

"Chains up time, right?"
"That's probably a good idea."
"No, that won't be necessary."
"It... won't?"
Matthew? I love you unreservedly for understanding your character, internalizing him, and making him real and consistent. Not forgetting his damage is a wonderful way to do that, even when the script doesn't demand that you remember. It's obvious that you get that guy you're playing, and you have a great deal of compassion for him. That's good acting, man. Bravo.

Garcie with blue hair is love.

"Rossi is a guy who color codes his handwritten notes in his notebooks." Okay, Paget has exactly one meaty scene in this episode, and she works it like a working thing. (Also, the Prentiss/Morgan shippers are loving this blocking.) "The guy is a fussy, anal-retentive neat freak who never leaves anything out of its place. I would say this is a scream for help." Detail Girl can profile. It's nice to see her back on the job and competent in character, rather than being the obligatory ingenue. She makes a lousy ingenue. She makes a fabulous Competent Broad.

Emily calls Garcia Penelope.

"Jet's available."
"Let's go."
Rossi may not have accepted that they are his, yet. But they have claimed him as theirs.
I love these fictional people.
And Garcia watches them leave. Like she does.

"Yeah, he died a year ago." Everything marches on except you, obsession boy.

"I know. I own it." Dave. Dave, Dave, Dave. Have you considered knitting
Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarice?

This episode is tiny short scenes, and tiny short acts. It's one long jump cut.

"Look, I don't mean to be a hardass."
"You going in?"
"No, I have nightmares about it."

You know, that ties us back to Morgan's and Reid's nightmares, from first season.

"It's customary--"
And the interviewee lies, of course. And Hotch provokes.
Bridgeport? Still funny.
"At this point, lying to us isn't really possible. Or helpful."

Penelope is my favorite character anywhere, ever. In the history of the world. "Girlfriend?" And then she kicks his ass.
"...somewhere between a Commodore 64 and a block of Government cheese. Call me."
I love her.

"Nobody gives a damn about the truth."

Garcia's lipstick has changed between scenes. /shallow.
"Yeah, uh, sir, see, I'm sorry--" And she's brave and honest and true.
Rossi is behind the times again. Drink, anger-management man.

"I don't need anybody's damn help."
Oh, Dave. yes you do. May I suggest you start with a competent behavioral therapist, and maybe consider moving up to somebody who can prescribe?

"It'll be summer soon."
"But not for you."

"I thought you wanted to hear the truth."
Very interesting, Hotch actually making mistakes here. How unHotchlike. He's losing this fight. Though the Bored!Hotch as a little teapot is lovely.
"They were toys."

"From the moment I decided to kill them, they were dead. They begged, they cried, they bargained, and it didn't matter."
Oh yeah. Reid remembers. PTSD! Drink! But he's still thinking.

"Let's pack it up."
"Shouldn't we at least--"
Reid is in control of this, and Hotch isn't. That is a new and interesting character twist.
"It took me less than five to do this."

I had wondered on first watch if Hotch and Reid had orchestrated this confrontation. But no. Hotch is just... not thinking about his job. "So you planned to be locked inside with me."
Apparently, Ed Kemper did something very like that to John Douglas (ETA, it was Ressler. My bad.). I've read the account. Kemper being Kemper, however, he just pointed out what he could have done....

"I don't need a gun." Refrain! Drink!

"Unfortunately for you, I am not a five foot tall hundred pound girl." Hotch would really like an excuse to hit something. Hotch trash-talking is lovely.

"If you're buying, I'm drinking."
"I can make anything a BAU case." JJ is the secret master of the FBI! Drink!

"Because you do." There is no I in team, Rossi.

And Reid, with the profile? Really doesn't need a gun. Filibuster, Reid! Filibuster!
There's a bit of Reid profiling himself there, as we might expect. "You mother's bipolar. And almost certainly an undifferentiated schizophrenic."
Nothing is more interesting than hearing somebody else talk about us.
Spencer has his mojo back.

"You said your victims never had a chance. I think you know deep down it was you who really never had a chance." Thematic statement.

"Is that true? I never had a chance?"
"I dunno. Maybe."


"Guy wasn't gonna win any IQ contests."
It's like Gremlins. Except instead of dad stuck in the chimney, it was an axe murder.

The lambs have not stopped screaming, Clarice.
Rossi wants badly to have somebody to hang that on.

Alicia with the blue streaks in her hair and the "Call me." And the smooching interruptus. Hee. Paralleles, parallels.

"I brought the team."
"I never sent you any gifts." Rossi cracks the case!

"These are incredibly cheap."
Morgan actually does his job! Drink! My god, they remembered his speciality.
"So, guilt-laden."
Prentiss cracks the case!
"Like Lenny in Of Mice And Men." Drink!

"I find that I do some of my best work under intense terror."
Aww, Hotch is confidy. (And there go all the Hotch/Reid slashers.)
"I guess you didn't really help."
Oh, look, Matthew Gray Gubler grew a nose. About time that cartilage caught up with the rest of his face!

Garcia cracks the case!
Rossi cracks the case!

Evil clown! Evil clown!

Wow. Rossi actually looked hot there for a second. God help me. It was the profile, and the Clint Eastwood squint.

JJ with the sexist comment!
JJ and Morgan, not a teamup we usually see.

"I'd like to talk to you about one of your clowns"


"I was too late. I couldn't save them." Refrain, drink.

Okay, this is a really effective scene. The intercutting, the father telling his son not to fight, the dialogue. Wow. "You're a really good boy." Oh, God.

Rossi and the kids is a little more heavyhanded, including the lingering shot of the three of them as children.

Well, thank god that plotline is resolved. I can has my ensemble back nao?

"My team," Rossi says at the end. I love that he didn't get a monster. Twenty years... and he was hunting a confused child. Oh, that's my show.

Oh, that's gotta sting.

And meanwhile, back at the ranch, Reid FTW: "Ultimately... uneventful."

JJ with the singing.
"Just when I thought nothing scandalous was ever going to happen around here."
Reid and Prentiss are the best. Oh, and Reid? You'll lose that pesky virginity someday.
...today is not that day, however.

And Aaron signs the divorce paperwork. No ring.

Nice camerawork in this ep.


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Aww, Hotch is confidy. (And there go all the Hotch/Reid slashers.)

*g* You think it took me that long to go? I was gone from the point we found out they're working the interview together. I know that doesn't surprise you in the least. *heh* But the scene in the truck was very nice.

Okay, Haley still calling Hotch's cell phone twenty times a day? You lose that privilege when you file for divorce.

I, unsurprisingly, totally agree with this.

They guy who played the prison warden? He played Lash on The Sentinel...he was a serial killer who liked to dress up like his victims...become them. And when he patted Hotch on the shoulder? I wasn't sure if it would end well for the warden!

Reid at the end--so funny.

And poor Hotch at the end. I'm sad for him but happy it happened. Yeah, I'm mean. *G*

I'm glad they actually dealt with the Rossi case this soon--at least it won't be hanging over the show now.
I am in total agreement re: Rossi.

In other fan service news I'm sure the Morgan/Prentiss shippers were happy with the two of them leaning side by side on the railing at the end, and the Morgan/Garcia shippers were overjoyed at him running off to her office to dish, and the Prentiss/Hotch shippers loved that lingering shot of her walking across the window with him sitting mournfully behind it.

Fan service everywhere you go.
"Can't sleep, clowns will axe-murder my family."

I loved the moment when Hotch woke up and went oops.

Rossi bores me. Not coincidentally, he's the only one whose damage was front and center from the second he showed up. It's like the rest of them are an English crossword, and he's an American one. Or he's a Silver Age comic, and they're an Alan Moore.

It's past my bedtime liek woah. I don't think I'm making any sense at all, am I?
Rossi is not the great love of my life. *g*

I do like Joe Mantegna, though.

You make great sense.
See, that's two people on my f-list now who noted the tattoos. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

Also, yes, Garcia=Love. Sexy tough love.
Writing goes on hold when CM happens, around here. ;-)
Hotch was a mess tonight, wasn't he?

The slipping up, the mind not in the game, even a lot of his body language and dress screamed, "I AM LOSING IT HERE."

So glad that the Rossi thing was resolved, too. Perfect timing for it, really.

Garcia makes my life.

it wasn't the most spectacular thing ever. Then again, with this show, adequate is still pretty good.

I'm looking forward to the rest (however short it may be) of this season.

An average episode of CM is still a reason to turn the TV off before CSI: New York comes on? ;-)

Garcia really makes my life.
I really enjoyed this, but seeing Dennis Christopher as the warden cracked me up like nothing else. Jack, the ultimate serial killer in the Profiler universe as a gushing, twitchy serial killer groupie. My brain melted a bit right there.
You're right. Ressler. I should have looked it up, but it was late and I was tired. *g*

The camerawork was awesome. Mantegna did not have a lot to work with in the dialogue in his big confessional scene, but he gave it his everything. I think the dialogue itself was too on the nose: too direct. The obliqueness in the scene with Reid and Hotch was much better.

One thing I do kind of like about this ep is how "Just another day in the working week" it was. "What did you do at work today, honey?" "Oh, nothing."

(Morgan calling Reid "Pretty boy." There's another one for the slashers. *wades through a puddle of fan service*)

And Reid was so gonna hit that guy with a chair if he went for Hotch.
Adequate for CM is better than excellent for most other shows.

Nice ink indeed. And Garcia removing Nicky from her office (that line about a cross between a Commodore 64 and a block of government cheese had me doing a stereotypical and unexpected LOL), then opening the door to his very impressed smile and saying "call me"...

And nobody new got harmed, and Reid seems much more together, and Hotch seems much less so...

With an ending that... what word do I want? not upbeat, exactly, but... yeah. What are they going to spring on us next week? Must not get used to no extra damage happening to our team...
With an ending that... what word do I want? not upbeat, exactly, but... yeah. What are they going to spring on us next week? Must not get used to no extra damage happening to our team...

And now Rossi is off balance, not entirely himself. The juggernaught cause he's used fo fuel himself for two decades, gone. Like that, his mysterious nemesis is revealed to be a broken man-child. "Don't fight, Joey. Be a good boy. You're a good boy."

And Rossi's left with a shiny bracelet and some awkward thanks.

Dude, therapy is looking like a seriously useful avenue to explore. Because that obbssession was his coping mechanism. And I don't think he has the faintest idea what to put in it's place.

Who exactly is Dave Rossi when he's not chasing the unsub who got away?I look forward to finding out. I wonder if I'll stop wanting to drown him in a bucket?
I found it very interesting how Rossi was unwanted by his proto-murder-family until he could solve it, and how after he did he's wanted again, he's asked back for Christmas.

And how that ain't gonna work for Hotch.
It is so.

Poor Hotch.

I could wish that plotline had been handled in a less stereotypical fashion, alas--for a while, I thought they were going to do something interesting with Hotch & Haley.

But no.

*uses appropriate icon for once*

Y'know, since I started watching this show in January last year, I've been waiting with a sort of nihilistic glee for Aaron Hotchner to explode, and when that scene with the Jacket (and Tie!) removal and the "I'm going to take you down" glower happened, I was kind of flailing like mad and simultaniously going "... I was kidding! I was really just kidding!" But, crisis averted. For now. And he actually talked to Reid about what's going on with him. Color me surprised and proud.

But at least the Rossi plot is more or less resolved.

Also: Congratulations, Spencer Reid. It took you two and a half seasons, but you finally made me sort of like you.

But if this becomes the All About Spencer Reid Show again, I'm putting you on notice.

In Conclusion: Garcia is FIERCE, Kevin is very very cute, but very very misguided, I don't like the mint green shirt on Prentiss, THERE IS NOT ENOUGH JJ LOVE *IN THE WORLD*, and Hotch ... well. You're just an unholy mess right now, aren't you? I'm sorry, babe. I'm so sorry.
For the record? I enjoy reading your spoileriffic summaries almost as much as watching the actual shows -- do you write them up while you're watching? I ask, because I think I myself would forget half the details, were I to try and come at it afterward.

Either way, 'tis brill, and I'm hereby giving you permission to continue apace. /fake snobbery.

I rewatch it afterwards. *g* And do the summary the second time through. Or sometimes the third, if it's an ep I really like and think is tricky-neat.
Aaaauuuuggggghhhh! My cable box snafu'd and I got black screen for the whole thing. Angst, grief, and misery!

Bittorrenting now... I can watch it tonight.

Thank you for the CM commentaries. They greatly enhance the episodes! (I'm saving this to read when I get to watch it...)
You're welcome! *g*
I noticed the lipstick color difference on Garcia, too (oh dear, I must be shallow), but then I decided it had to do with the difference between seeing her on the monitor planeside and in person (so to speak). Okay, shallow.
Oh yeah. They totally did that on purpose.

I really need a good "Criminal Minds" icon...

I enjoy reading your episode posts almost as much as I enjoy watching the show... almost. :)

Penelope is my favorite character anywhere, ever. In the history of the world. "Girlfriend?" And then she kicks his ass.
"...somewhere between a Commodore 64 and a block of Government cheese. Call me."
I love her.

I'm not going to comment on each and every thing you said, but I have to say that I am so with you on this.

Also, was it my imagination, or was there a sign that read "GACY" in one (or more) of the scenes at the carnival? It didn't really click with me when I was watching, but after reading a comment from hernewshoes, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing such a sign at some point.
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