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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Okay, a fun but probably pointless toy:

The Gender Genie purports to be able to determine whether the author of a text is male or female.

( For details and an explanation, check Jed Hartman's Blog here )

Playing with this, I discovered something interesting: the algorithm identified both a chunk of Edward II (A Gaveston speech) and a chunk of Kit's POV from The Stratford Man as female, and a chunk of Othello (Iago and Roderigo) and a chunk of Will's POV from SM as male.

Heh. Well, at least that tells me I've managed to give them somewhat different voices, I guess.

A sonnet, however, was identified as female.


My two professionally published stories come out male, and my freebie comes out female. Interesting...
I submitted some recent shorts short stories. 4 male, 1 female. The female one is fragmentary, and consists entirely of a female POV. But one of the completed stories is entirely female POV, too, and that one was read (correctly) as having been written by a male writer.
This was fun, but so far my results have been inconclusive. I submitted a chunk from the beginning and end of Chapters 1 and 14 of the fantasy novel about the war (temporarily abandoned). Both the chapter beginnings were said to be female, the ends male. It was all supposed to be male POV, so was I writing my way into it as the chapter progressed? On the other hand, the new WIP, which is supposed to be omni was the reverse, the chapter started male and at some point switched to female. I need to play with this further. I might try it with the whodunnit which has two POVs, one male one female.
Yeah, I think it's been somewhat overhyped. *g*
It pegged my writing as female, even the things I've written from male POV.

Christopher Isherwood also was thought to be female, although Oscar Wilde's "De Profundis" was rated "male."

I don't buy it

Chapter from Book Two of novel: POV beginning = male. (Male POV)

Two conversation snippets = female. (Between two males)

POV snippet from background piece for Book Two = male. (Female POV)

::I should hate to think that I was in any way predictable::

Rosa, you are in *no* way anything of the sort. You are, however, suypposed to be female