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running to get my money

I am at I-Con, and made it here in relatively good order--only got lost for half an hour in the Bronx. In about five minutes, I'm heading over to the venue to register before my 7 pm panel.

For those of you interested in the Shadow Unit monetary model--well, since it is an experiment, we're opening our books.

Will Shetterly, who is not an accountant but is playing one on the internets for this purpose, has a post up on his blog regarding what passes for our profit margin. We're not making a ton of money, as you might guess, but it's a steady trickle at this point, and I imagine (or flatter myself) that there are people waiting until the end of the season to donate. We did get over 1600 hits on the last episode in the 12 hours after it posted, so I know people are reading it.

Basically, for those of you who haven't been following along at home, we're running an interactive web-serial on a public radio model: we put the content out for free, and you can pay us if you like it and want to see more. We're halfway through the first eight-episode season, and I think the story is really about to gear up and kick in.

You can read the first four episodes here.  If I may suggest--and yes, this is a pretty broad hint--people waiting to read the entire first season after it's over with are, well. Going to miss some of the fun.

There are also interactive character blogs, deleted scenes, contests, extras, artwork, and some very limited multimedia at this point. Also, the message board has some thorougly awesome fan contributions posted.
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