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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

they tell me i'm a hero on the other side...

My recovery time at the climbing gym is getting a lot better. Some of that might be the running--though after only two weeks, it seems hasty to say so. But I did six climbs tonight, sent five of them, and I'm just three or four moves from the top of this 5.7 I've been fighting for Some Time Now. The next move I need to make is a power move, a layback where the foothold is at hip height and tricky to balance on, and which will require a good deal of strength, especially since I need to use the momentum to lunge up to the next handhold. I reached it repeatedly, but I couldn't stick it. Even when I got mad at it.

And since it's near the top of the wall, of course I'm already burned out when I get there.

However! I did get past the infamous traverse without falling. Resting yes. Falling no. Which makes me awfully happy.

And in certain circumstances, I'm actually starting to feel confident and like I know what I'm doing up there. There was a bit of a traverse of the slab wall that would have given me serious trouble a month ago, and I just sailed right through it tonight.

That makes me happy.

And now, OMG, I need to eat something.


...you start doing single finger pull-ups with just one arm...

...and I'm gonna get skeerred.
Yeah. I don't look nearly that elegant.

Part of the problem is that one has already had to do two other laybacks, one pretty easy and one strenuous, to get that far.

I need to be lighter and stronger.

Which I guess is my cue to get the heck off my butt and go for that run....
...you realize that I'm now going to spend the next however the hell long watching all of the various clips, looking for new stuff, right? You evil, evil woman, you.
It's a pretty cool series. *g*

I'm not talking about the rock climbing series. I've gone through the whole krav maga set (And, while the guys know what they're doing, they really need someone to explain to them how to shoot it), two of the climbing sets, a baseball set (one of which gave me an awesome exercise for practicing my 5-3), and I'm looking around for what's next. But, I *will* cover this whole damned site, eventually. And my reduced productivity I blame entirely on you. All your fault. Really.
I'm still absolutely fascinated by why men are usually less hungry after a workout while women are usually more hungry. One of these days, I'll have to sit down with a biologist and figure it out.
I've never experienced that, actually. Exercise kills my appetite.

Although the guys I climb with can eat like dragons. You never see a climber pass up food.
Of course, you two have to go and prove me wrong right off. (:
Yeah, I'm with the Bear. After workout nausea has passed, Food. Now. Hey, you look good. Or this table..I could eat this table..
Yeah, that's it exactly. Right after workout? No eat.

Eat after cooldown.