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i'm not sleepy and there is no place i'm going to.

I was virtupus and went for a run this morning. Fifteen minutes out (jogged the whole distance) and fifteen minutes back (running intervals), with five minutes of stretching and recovery in the middle. Go on and swallow that live frog, Bear. [Now I have an image of me as Bear Grylls. And no, not so much.]

Interestingly, I slept eight and a half hours last night, and honestly would have liked more. Meatpuppet, what are you dooooing?

Today's schedule: laundry, doing my taxes, page proofs, baking bread, guitar practice, some math, yet another revision pass on "Ballistic," and maybe actually reading an actual book. Ahh, the glamorous life of the writer.

Oh, and I should probably eat something.
Tags: the glamour!
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