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bear by san

March 2017



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drive train _ netcurmudgeon

i'm not sleepy and there is no place i'm going to.

I was virtupus and went for a run this morning. Fifteen minutes out (jogged the whole distance) and fifteen minutes back (running intervals), with five minutes of stretching and recovery in the middle. Go on and swallow that live frog, Bear. [Now I have an image of me as Bear Grylls. And no, not so much.]

Interestingly, I slept eight and a half hours last night, and honestly would have liked more. Meatpuppet, what are you dooooing?

Today's schedule: laundry, doing my taxes, page proofs, baking bread, guitar practice, some math, yet another revision pass on "Ballistic," and maybe actually reading an actual book. Ahh, the glamorous life of the writer.

Oh, and I should probably eat something.


Eating is totally a good idea.

Well, the bread that rose overnight just came out of the oven. So.


Eating gets easy!
OMG. Delicious. Now I am full of envy.

Taxes!!!!! *gulps*
Methinks I'm gonna need to file one o' them "extensions" forms.
I slept eight and a half hours last night, and honestly would have liked more. Meatpuppet, what are you dooooing?

What else would one expect when you call yourself Bear? Sleeping happens to Bears. It's good for them, I hear. Still, it could be worse: if you called yourself "Cat", you might catch yourself napping mid-sentence whenever a sunbeam crossed your path, right?

*Washes ear and pretends this never happens to her...*
That's what computers are for, man.

Besides, I don't own anything, so mine are easy.
When I didn't own anything, I ended up owing. That was wrong.
Yup. It's about how it goes for me too.

tax the poor!
It certainly feels that way.
I. Am making myself a t-shirt, one of these days, with the image in your current icon, and the text "Minimum Safe Distance 2 Meters" for when I go out dancing.
I am MADE OF FLAIL. And have the long limbs and paleness of one of Peter Watts' vampires, although none of their sensitivity to right angles, nor, alas, their omnisavantism.
As long as you save the dancing for goth clubs, you'll fit in.
There and the raves.
Sounds like your body is going thru its maintenance cycle. Your ramping up your physical activity, while giving your subconscious creative side of your brain a bit of a break. Additional sleep would be a boon for both. Or it could be that your inner bear is just doing the hibernation thing a bit late *grin*
Probably. *g*

in the jingle jangle morning i'll come following you.

I am scared of my taxes.
Virtupus means, presumably, both forceful and catty.
Oh, and I should probably eat something.

A friend of mine once claimed to have her philosphy of life organized around Food.

Step One: Food Is Good

Step Two: A thing's essential nature could be established by its relationship to food.

Example: Hats. You put on hats to go out. You can get food while you are out. Food Is Good. Therefore- hats are good.

Example: The heat death of the universe. The heat death of the universe will burn up all the food. Food Is Good, therefore the heat death of the universe is not good.

This is a good way to pass time while waiting for food, hunting for food, ect.

Tyop Du Jour: "virtupus".
That's not a typo.
One thing I've found is that working out more requires me to get more sleep, if I want to be otherwise functional. And it does sound like you've been getting a lot of exercise lately.

In one article in Rowing News, a former Olympian mentioned that at the height of her training, she got ten hours of sleep a night *plus* a nap in the afternoon. Granted there's a lot of individual variation in sleep patterns, but she did mention getting a lot less now she's not in training. Maybe all those writers who survive on 6 hours a night are not also athletes?