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Criminal Minds 3x15, "A Higher Power."

Oh yeah. My show is back.

Thank you, God, a Prentiss-Hotch-Reid ep. I can use a little less Rossi in my life for a while.

Cold open. Because we love us some misdirect. No, the chick is not the vic, because this is my show, that's why, dammit.

Water under the door. Oh, nice camreawork with the reflections and the smoke. Smart bystander. Do not touch. Oh, honey.

Nice time lapse.

"I've lost her, I'm not going to lose him." Thematic statement! Drink!

JJ is the secret master of the BAU! Drink!

COTW is a white guy. This never ends well.

Why is Hotch asking Rossi for personal time? And why is Rossi the one granting it? Hotch is still HMWAIC, last I checked.
Aw, Hotch. :-(

Derek is denial boy. That's new.
I like Prentiss' new hair.

Nice fade to an extreme closeup of MGG's 5 o'clock shadow. 0.0
Nobody can say "group integrations" like he means it like Reid.

"Don't those families deserve to know?" Yes, referring back to "Honor Among Thieves" and "Scared to Death," I'm pretty sure we will eventually find that Emily Prentiss' dad was a suicide. Who did not leave a note. And somebody lied to her about it. Oh, Em.

...I actually like the New Improved David Rossi. Can this last?

"There is no refuge from confession but suicide, and suicide is confession." Rossi gets the opening epigraph. And actually behaves like a real grownup.
"All the suicides exactly two weeks apart."
"A whole lot of people lost their kids in that fire." Derek, I think your childhood trauma is showing, sweetie.

Ooo, hostile environment.
Reid with the dorky wave, drink. Spencer, sweetie, that's a bad sweater. Charge of the bad sweater brigade! He has to hold up the side on his own now that Gideon's gone. Does that mean the sweaters will be even worse?
And Reid takes a bullet for the team. He needs help with those files like I need help clipping my toenails.
Spencer, wash you hair. You look nearly as much like a homeless person as your actor generally does.
Reid Bad Sweater Count this ep: 2. There's a blue-gray cardigan with little square pinhole cutouts, and a brown pilled awful cardigan with one button buttoned.

Prentiss' sweater is not bad. Humina. And I swear Rossi is wearing one of Gideon's old shirts.
I love the irritated breaking of the Crime Scene tape. Yes. Every one a fucking personal offense, Dave.
...My god. Rossi. Is. Acting. Like. A. Human. Being. With empathy. And a soul.

"Paul wouldn't do this."
Oh, honey.

And the CotW toughs it out. And Reid babbles for the distraction. Notice he never actually answers the question--he just quotes a statistic.

"It'd hurt, but you could do it." Awww. The old Derek Morgan would have hopped down there and seen what the UNSUB seed. Old knee injury bothering you, Derek?

Prentiss and Morgan geeking electrical outlets is love.
"I put them in all my properties..." Derek is a slumlord! *g* What, he's not spending all that money on designer clothes and fast women?
"Whoever threw the spaceheater in the tub knew that there was no GFI." Derek cracks the case!
"He was a contractor."

"I would err on the side of caution."
Reid trying to support JJ is love. I am glad they have forgiven each other.

Oh, and tonight the cheerful summertime classic we ruin this week is... Three Dog Night's "Shambala!"

Crying baby in the high chair. Unlike season one, the team will not make it here in time for this one.

"I'm fine. Let's do this." PTSD! Drink! Oh, Emily, what is your damage?
We're back to babies. Babies, babies, babies. Yeah, totally coincidental. Nothing to see here, please move along. It's all about kids this season.
Oh, man. I just realized something. Season 1, CM, climax of "Plain Sight" is Gideon comforting a baby in a high chair, gun carefully averted before he goes upstairs and saves its mom. This ep, the team finds the victim's body because the baby in the high chair is wailing. (Cm imitates SU! Score!)
Rossi thinks there's a case.
Tonight, the role of Scully will be played by Derek Morgan.

"Beth must have let him in."
"They all let him in."
"He drugs them."
--Reid, Rossi, and Emily all crack the case simultaneously! DRINK A LOT!

"Emily the strange and great. What can I do you for?" I love. The women. On. This show.

"I always use alcohol. Less fuss, way cheaper."
"Look for something that wouldn't show up in a toxicology report."
Did I mention? I love. The women. On. This show.

...Where did the suicide notes come from? Didn't they just say, no suicide notes were found? Or was that just Paul?

"I'm sorry I let you down."
Reid is graphologist guy! Drink!
"It's extensive, I haven't"--Reid? CotW wasn't helping enough with the files.

Hotch is the cavalry! Drink!
Trophies! Oh, hello, montage of the UNSUB reviewing his trophies and drinking over Reid describing the UNSUB's damage? With shots in a mirror? Not subtle, much!
"My brother, his wife--if anything, they were closing themselves off." Paul wasn't going to meetings, was he, CotW?
Derek is finally on the bus!


AA meeting. Drink! Oh, wait. That's wrong.
Wonder if JJ will shoot through this seal....

Victimology montage!
Reid says, "Angel of death," Prentiss says "angel of mercy."
Hello, drunken victim. Oh, CM. Yes you do. Post-traumatic stress. Drink.
"Did you see her with her son? She couldn't hold him. She couldn't look at him." And JJ didn't notice. But Emily did.
And Emily has been that kid. Dollars. To. Doughnuts.
Oh, Emily.
Profiler is really projecting when they talk about a victim/UNSUB: drink!

So--except in the specific cases where roles get moved around--Gideon was the victims. Hotch is the violent offenders. Reid is the broken offenders. And Emily is the survivors.
God, I love my show.

Oh, he went to the Little League Game. "Step 10: continue to take personal inventory."
Hello, Garcia's classic abundant decolletage. I'm sorry, was there dialogue in this scene? 0.0 "Plus plus also and!" Oh, Garcia. Oh. I love you.
"She completely saw it coming. They all saw it coming."
Rossi, you are not listening. They're not sedated. They're paralyzed. Listen to the nice technical analyst: she's smarter than you.

"If you could end it, you would."
Okay, is it just me, or is this coroner a total riff on David McCallum's NCIS character?
Rossi finishing the coroner's sentences = love.
"Allright, Rossi. I'm in."

Reid cracks the case!
"They're amends. To themselves. And I believe they're written as part of a program....In some self-help groups they ask you to write down an amends. To yourself."
"Is that right?"
Yeah, Reid. You work with profilers. Sucks to be you.
But they love you almost as much as we do.

Step 8 and Step 9. Spencer, Emily has noticed you stammering. Are we to infer that you are somewhere between those two? Because she is one of the people to whom you owe an apology. Or are you even in recovery yet?
I am gonna take a stab and say coffeeem's right, and you planted your sore little feet and kicked second season. All by yourself. Just like you have done every other goddamned awful, painful, humiliating thing you have had to do in your short tragic life.
I can't pity you too much, kid. You wouldn't tolerate it, and besides, you're one tough little motherfucker.

Oh, brutal fucking flare and morph from Reid to the UNSUB. Okay, no greenscreen this ep? But that effect makes up for a lot.

"They have different meetings all day and night. Different degrees of participation, of religiousness--" Reid knows a lot about 12-step programs.

Footwork! Team shows up, UNSUB starts escalating. Drink! It's like magic how they do that.

"We're addicts. No one sticks out, everyone sticks out."
Oh, the priest with the crisis of conscience. Oh, he's on screen for fifteen seconds, and he breaks my heart. Your vow, or a life?
Jesus, that's a hard one.

Emily cracks the case! Suicide talk indeed.
Nice intercutting.
James didn't kill himself, honey.
("They were dead eyes. Accusing eyes.")

Reid (in another terrible sweater) cracks the case. "Ah."
"His brother didn't kill himself."

"I love you, Penelope Garcia."
"Get in line."

Prentiss finds the trophies. Drink!

"Hi, Laurie Ann."
Prentiss is personally invested in saving this woman's life.

Laurie Ann tossing down that cigarette stings.

PSA, do not help strange men with car trouble when you are a lone woman.

"You think you can help me? You think you can help me?"
Victim saves her own life! Drink!
That's right, honey. You have an airbag and a seatbelt. KICK HIS ASS.

"You're gonna be okay."
"Am I?"
"A mother isn't supposed to outlive her children."

Emily, you are love. And oh, the hints are flying thick and fast this ep.

"You lost her. Don't lose him as well."
Nice circularity. Thematic statement. Go.
Emily Prentiss, you saved three lives today. Go home, sleep well.

"Ronnie, your brother, Paul, wasn't murdered." Oh, Reid says the hard thing. And CotW is denial boy now. "You're wrong."

Prentiss gets the closing quote. And Rossi... with human outreach. Dude.

Emily dodges Morgan's question. And Morgan buys derelict houses to rehab them. Does it count as a reason to drink if Morgan just talks about kicking down doors?

Next week on Criminal Minds... Reid proves that two days of torture and confinement, being forced into collusion with a serial killer, and a tonic-clonic seizure, followed by digging his own grave, are not enough to teach him caution. Or temper his compassion for and identification with the wounded and mentally ill.

Also, exactly one season later (3x15), maybe some closure on his PTSD plotline? Yeah. My show is a patient and crafty show. Also, one that lies to the media.

Funny thing: Now that Gideon is gone, Reid is doing exactly what Gideon hoped Reid would be doing, what he trained him for. He's doing Gideon's job. But he's doing it better than Gideon. Because the only person Reid is going to get killed is himself.

I love my show.

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