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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

but this one little thing's such a thoroughbred--

A brisk ~3 mile walk along the river bluffs with ashacat and Sunil yesterday afternoon (when it was gorgeous out, even a little too warm for my long-sleeved t-shirt) and my alleged run this morning means its 223.9 miles to Lothlorien. I'm more than halfway there--In Middle Earth, it's January 8th, and I'm headed toward the ill-fated pass through the mountains. Moria soon! Beware Balrogs!

This morning, despite the treesex-generated slugs hibernating in my sinuses, I ran the first mile of my route--and actually ran it, as opposed to the geriatric shuffle I have been doing. Of course, I had to do the last block as a sprint, because I was pretty much out of glycogen and stored oxygen at that point, and then I spent the first three minutes of my recovery period flat on my back, alternately heaving and giggling. At least it's kind of rainy out, which might help settle the pollen. I walked back rather than doing intervals, to reward myself for a good effort on the way out. Go team me.

There. I swallowed my live frog today. Now I can shower and make myself some tea and cereal and work on page proofs until my dinner guest arrives.
Not sure yet if I'll try for a run tomorrow morning, but it definitely has to be a yoga day. I'm stiff and sore.

But my feet aren't killing me--though the awesome Amie (my massage therapist) was laughing at me yesterday about the tightness in my right arch. Her now ritual question when I go in to see her is "What have you broken this week?"

While I'm pimping awesome local businesses, through the offices of taichigeek, I've discovered a local organic chocolatier in the Manchester parkade. (Conveniently right across the street from Hall's Arrow.) It's called Divine Treasures Chocolates, and I can seriously vouch for the Grand Marnier orange creme (which has a little piece of chewy candied orange peel on top) and the peppermint patties. (I also have some tropical fruit bark, but I have not tried that yet.)

Also, congratulations to stillsostrange, who became yet another casualty of the hive mind client of Fancy Agent Jennifer Jackson yesterday.

Playlist for today: Chris Isaak and ZZ Top. Apparently we are in the mood for songs about nasty girls who know what they want.

And now, into the shower.


)&@#$)#$#)&%&*&@@*$$)&#^!@$)($&@#(@($#*&%*@#%^&#@%#&_@#%&##()%#%&*%#$^ trees and their @#$_()%#*%#%#)(@%&+#@%(+#%*#+%(*#@%&&@)$+@$@)*$+@_*+_@*+#%+*%#+%*+_*%#+*%+%)!# reproductive habits.

I think one reason I love ornamentals and fruit trees so much is that they aren't churning out so much @*(#$+)$&!@$#%*!#@$+@$*!@$*+*$@ pollen.
And tulip poplars. Tulips poplars are good. So are chestnuts.
This year, for the first time in years, the spring pollenfall in Atlanta is actually smaller in quantity than the winter snowfall. It is still covering every shpxvat thing in yellow. Atishoo!
mouth agape

No corn syrup?!?!? I think I'm in love.
I've discovered a local organic chocolatier in the Manchester parkade.

Holy crap! I know her! You gotta try the Toffee Bites.

Oh, crap, we owe her some research on High Fructose Corn Syrup. Is it April already?

Hey, Bear, she's a Vineyard person. You can share stories about jellyfish. :)

It is unnatural how much she knows about chocolate.
Speaking of cereal, I have a question regarding cereal in Dust, kinda sorta. Why millet, specifically?

[My brain lights on little details that it Must Know All About, the whys and the wherefores, and apparently this is the detail that it wants to know about for Dust.]
Why not millet?
Well, I was wondering what the reasoning behind millet vs. any other grain was--better yield per acre than other grains, better nutritional value, tastes better as porridge, early childhood trauma involving farina, it just sounded cool, etc.
Actually, millet's a pretty lousy food source. *g* But the builders believed in diversity.
To be fair, it only started nagging at me when I encountered the amaranth whilst investigating the upper reaches of the beans & grains shelves, in an attempt to find something interesting for breakfast a few weekends ago.
Vastly better than songs about clueless, skanky girls.