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but this one little thing's such a thoroughbred--

A brisk ~3 mile walk along the river bluffs with ashacat and Sunil yesterday afternoon (when it was gorgeous out, even a little too warm for my long-sleeved t-shirt) and my alleged run this morning means its 223.9 miles to Lothlorien. I'm more than halfway there--In Middle Earth, it's January 8th, and I'm headed toward the ill-fated pass through the mountains. Moria soon! Beware Balrogs!

This morning, despite the treesex-generated slugs hibernating in my sinuses, I ran the first mile of my route--and actually ran it, as opposed to the geriatric shuffle I have been doing. Of course, I had to do the last block as a sprint, because I was pretty much out of glycogen and stored oxygen at that point, and then I spent the first three minutes of my recovery period flat on my back, alternately heaving and giggling. At least it's kind of rainy out, which might help settle the pollen. I walked back rather than doing intervals, to reward myself for a good effort on the way out. Go team me.

There. I swallowed my live frog today. Now I can shower and make myself some tea and cereal and work on page proofs until my dinner guest arrives.
Not sure yet if I'll try for a run tomorrow morning, but it definitely has to be a yoga day. I'm stiff and sore.

But my feet aren't killing me--though the awesome Amie (my massage therapist) was laughing at me yesterday about the tightness in my right arch. Her now ritual question when I go in to see her is "What have you broken this week?"

While I'm pimping awesome local businesses, through the offices of taichigeek, I've discovered a local organic chocolatier in the Manchester parkade. (Conveniently right across the street from Hall's Arrow.) It's called Divine Treasures Chocolates, and I can seriously vouch for the Grand Marnier orange creme (which has a little piece of chewy candied orange peel on top) and the peppermint patties. (I also have some tropical fruit bark, but I have not tried that yet.)

Also, congratulations to stillsostrange, who became yet another casualty of the hive mind client of Fancy Agent Jennifer Jackson yesterday.

Playlist for today: Chris Isaak and ZZ Top. Apparently we are in the mood for songs about nasty girls who know what they want.

And now, into the shower.
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