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if you gave me another chance i still wouldn't make it

[11:40] matociquala: I'm not getting my promised rain
[11:40] matociquala: just gray and sleepies
[11:41] leahbobet: Yeah, I just woke up ten minutes ago.
[11:41] leahbobet: Thanks to a telemarketer.  :p
[11:41] matociquala: booo
[11:41] leahbobet: Well no, good, because I have to go to work in 40.  *g*
[11:41] leahbobet: But it is very sleep-inducing out there.
[11:41] matociquala: hee
[11:42] leahbobet: I suspect the meatpuppet slapped the alarm and went "clearly it is still night" and rolled over.
[11:42] matociquala: Now it says rain tonight
[11:42] matociquala: Hee
[11:42] matociquala: Yeah
[11:42] matociquala: I did get up and run
[11:42] matociquala: I am virtupus
[11:42] leahbobet: woo virtupitude!
[11:43] matociquala: I need more tea.
[11:43] matociquala: brb
[11:43] beatriceeagle: Leah, that word is breaking my brain.
[11:43] leahbobet: It's the state of being virtupus.
[11:43] leahbobet: Which is clearly different from virtuous, so it can't be virtue.  *g*
[11:43] beatriceeagle: XD
[11:44] beatriceeagle: Well, I haven't been at all virtupus, but I did go to school today.  That must count for something.
[11:45] matociquala: virtupitude is like pulchritude.
[11:46] matociquala: only more virtupus.
[11:46] matociquala: I'm not entirely certain how virtupitude differs from virtue, but they are different.
[11:46] matociquala: virtupitude does not have the religious connotations.
[11:46] beatriceeagle: Okay...pulchritudinous may be my new favorite word.
[11:46] leahbobet: I think virtupitude is more practically applied.
[11:46] matociquala: yes
[11:47] matociquala: Like, faith is a virtue, getting off your ass and doing the dishes is a virtupitude
[11:47] leahbobet: yes.
[11:47] tanaise: it's goodness for the sake of goodness, not for godliness.
[11:47] matociquala: Yes!
[11:47] matociquala: Or goodness because it has other positive results.
[11:48] matociquala: like running is virtupus because it makes you strong and quick.
[11:48] tanaise: well, I see the second
[11:48] tanaise: goodness as being widely defined.
[11:48] beatriceeagle: Virtue is for virtue's sake.  Virtupitude is for something else's sake?
[11:48] matociquala: Yes.
[11:49] matociquala: Virtupitude has an immediate positive result.
[11:49] matociquala: It's practical.
[11:49] leahbobet: Virtupitudes are tangibles.
[11:49] leahbobet: Virtue's an intangible.
[11:49] tanaise: well, it's not always immediate, as in working out.
[11:49] tanaise: but it's not karma (necessarily), and it's not the next life. 
[11:50] matociquala: And good for children and pets and houseplants and other growing things.
[11:50] tanaise: clean dishes will just get dirty again, but for now and for a bit longer, they will be clean.
[11:50] matociquala: Aha!
[11:50] matociquala: Virtupitude is negentropy.
[11:50] leahbobet: yes!
[11:50] beatriceeagle: Hee.
[11:58] matociquala: Alternately, virtupitude is the state of having done the dumb things you gotta do.
[11:59] tanaise: well, the only reason you have to do them is to defeat Chaos and Entropy
[11:59] matociquala: Well yes
[11:59] matociquala: but it is the state of touching the puppethead.
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