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bear by san

March 2017



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writing rengeek stratford man

you can fall for chains of silver. you can fall for chains of gold.

I just emailed the page proof corrections for Hell & Earth back to Jessica-my-editor. There were 14 of them in total. The Stratford Man is done.

I started work on this duology at Christmas of 2002, is anybody was wondering.

Wow, that feels... weird. Good. But weird.

I think, except for Shadow Unit stuff,  I get the weekend off.

ETA: Hey! This means I can spend all day tomorrow watching Soap on DVD and eating junk food! Wooo!


Yes!!! Congrats!
Thank you.

They are much better books for your assistance, by the way.
Didn't do much but give you a place to crash. The work is all yours! :)
Which was, you know, mission-critical.

The Stratford Man is done

Wow! I can imagine that must feel really weird.

I started reading your LJ in the summer of 2003 and I remember being fascinated by your posts about the writing of that book.

Just think! I've watched this book grow from being a mere toddler, and now it's an adult and about to make its own way in the world. :)

Have fun chilling out!
Yeah. There's five years of my life in those books. *g*

Good luck, stories. Write if you get work!
So long, page proofs! Congratulations. You absolutely deserve the weekend off. Wish it was going to be better weather for you, though.

Wow, it must be numbing to close the book on The Stratford Man after having it be a part of your active life for that long.

(I am *so* looking forward to reading it.)
Thank you!

Well, I'm going to a D&D game Sunday, so rainy is fine. *g*

The first draft of this sucker was 1190 pages. I spent three weeks in England doing on-the-ground location scouting. You should see my research shelf. Sarah Monette, who is a Ph.D. English Lit, told me the book probably counts as enough work and contains enough original ideas about Marlowe's relationship to period religious thought that I could have written a dissertation.

I kind of boggled when she said that.

I've never done anything this big before. And may never again.

I have roomspins now. *g*
I'm only an MA Eng Lit and while I was already doing the geek dance about this duology, now you have me even more all het up. Gods, I love my life sometimes.

*does the EngGeekLove dance some more*

You are one seriously awesome person, you know that? I look at all the different genres you write, and at how very different the books are, and I just marvel at how you do it.
Thank you very much.

I think it's a side effect of short attention span, honestly....
*waves at manuscript as it flashes past*

We seem to be done with the more exciting parts of this storm--shall we send it off to you, or to the Storied Golf TOurnament?
Send it along for tomorrow. I plan on sleeping until nine, and then after that not leaving the house.

Only 14 corrections? That seems amazing, for a novel-length manuscript. @_@ Maybe not so much, by the page proof stage?
I had an excellent copyeditor.
Wow. That probably does feel quite odd. I am experiencing a touch of that myself. I still remember when you gave me a manuscript in a big box at ACUS and now we're featuring the duology at LBF. What a journey.

Just like that.

A big box with a sheep on it. *g*
Soap! There's a vice from my past.

I hope it holds up well for you.


Oh Yay!

I just finished Whiskey & Water again, and was sighing over the fact that it wasn't time for Stratford Man yet. but now we're almost closer!

Re: Oh Yay!


And hey! New Shadow Unit sunday!

Re: Oh Yay!

shadow unit is what keeps me from wandering around all the local bookstores whining that you haven't written any new books today. I can get a once a week (or once every other week) fix of new writing.

yay new Shadow Unit!
Congratulations! Now, when will this be damaging my bank account out on the bookshelves?
Ink & Steel is July; Hell & Earth is August.
Good! I look forward to them. Thanks.
I have been waiting for this for *years.* Squeeeee!