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bear by san

December 2021



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writing edda of burdens fenris wolf

when he asked me what i was running from, i pointed towards the street.

Speaking of things that were many, many years in the making.... cover art for my periapocalyptic noir Norse steampunk technofantasy All the Windwracked Stars, which is coming from Tor this October:

Yes. I'm geeked. (Right-click and view image for a giant beautiful version.)

I started writing this book in 1993, and it was the first grown-up novel I ever completed. (Very early in 2002.)

I've revised it. Er. A lot over the years.

And now, fifteen years in the making, it's going to be on bookshelves.

This is a book of my heart, this one, and I am just beside myself with geekery. I swear unto you, it even has the cover art I would have chosen for it.

How often does that happen?

This is going to be a very good year.


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That cover's as lovely as the book's title. Nice!
Oh that just looks wicked cool.
Congratulations. That's stunning!
Wow, that's gorgeous! Who's the artist, do you know?
Oh, fabulous! (In every sense of the word!) And I see that some wise person has called it 'a sci fi (sic) essential book.
no need to say "sic," i believe, as that's the Sci Fi Channel they mean. that's definitely their logo above the words.
That is beautiful.
I felt genuinely moved, reading your post. I've only been following your blog for a couple of years but, by going back through archives (both here and in your old blog), I can see that this book means so much to you.

Beautiful, beautiful cover! I'm happy for you. :)
I already have it pre-ordered. (:
Now that is a sub-genre that you do not find all that often. :)


Did the kitten with a whip make it into the final version?
That is an old-skool beautiful cover.

I bet it sells many, many copies.

May 2008 be full of even more joy.
My heartiest congrats! I love the cover art, and I can't wait until I can get my grubby little hands on it. Please let us know the very nanosecond copies become available.
That is BEAUTIFUL, Bear...

Can't wait to see/read it.
That is a lovely, lovely, lovely cover. I can't wait to read the book!

Also, I'm getting a Brisingamen-ish feeling from the cover, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside because dammit, I love that book.
Congratulations! The cover looks very striking.

I was really happy when I found your website and discovered there was the start of an entire _series_ I hadn't known about coming to stores in 2008 (my yearly books-to-get list has a definite 'Bear' tilt this year).

I wonder how many new readers will draw into your authorial ambit by "Shadow Unit"? (and the ambits of the other creators, of course)
First of all, if your username is a Door Into Fire reference, I already like you. *g*

Second, I wonder too.
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