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bear by san

March 2017



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with one fist clenched in anger with one foot in the fire

In the last two days on my morning constitutional, the signs of spring are everywhere. Yesterday I heard a woodpecker playing "Moby Dick" up by Elizabeth Park (both coming and going; she must have found a good spot). I've seen fat squirrels playing tag, people exercising dogs large and small, roofers and lawn services, a sparrow disappearing into the eaves of a lovely Victorian bearing a flowering twig in her claws, another sparrow puffed up fat in a small bare tree. The maples are covered in a red froth of tiny blossoms. Today two magnolias are starting, one pink and one snow-white, neither fully open yet. Soon, I must extend my route to take me through the park, because soon the park will be flowering.

It was rainy overnight, but it's lightly overcast with gray sunlight now.

Speaking of said constitutional, I can call it a run without irony today, as I jogged the whole two miles (sparing a two-block warm-up and cool-down.) On the way out, I hit a nice sustainable easy lope and just stuck with it (never underestimate the importance of finding your stride.) I felt good enough at my turning point that after I stretched out and breathed for five minutes, I ran back the same way. I'm adapting--my left knee twinged for the first half mile, but I ran it out, and I felt good enough in terms of cardio to have kept going at the end, but my arches had been killing me for a quarter mile so I gave it up. Still, the shoes are finally breaking in, thank God, and my feet are getting used to it.

16:40 on the way out, 16:06 on the way back. 221.7 mile to Lothlorien.
Go team me.

In other news, very nice Washington Post review of Dust.


You know, it is totally cool to find that a friend was reviewed by one of my Clarion instructors. Yes, it's a small speculative fiction world, but still.
Hee. Just so you know, I totally used your name for street cred when I met one of the Clarion West administrators. *g*

"Marsha Sisolak? She's a good friend!"
I've got street cred?

Damn. Now I'm going to have to dust that, too.

Washingon Post review: I did not find the names/problems thrown in confusing and unnecessay. But the rest of the review is right on the dot.
My wife can’t stand watching me put my foot in the fire. I pass it through fast enough that only enough heat transfers to warm it, rather than inflict any damage, but it really bugs her to watch me “toasting my toes”. (This all dates back to when we were in an apartment with a fireplace; the house we bought doesn’t have one, so no opportunity...)
That's double nice. Good review and Washington Post. :-)

Mornings out and About

I too had a chance visit the trees, streams and mud of early New England Spring. Good on ya.
And a review in the Washington Post - Go You!
Smiles for Bear.
my arches had been killing me for a quarter mile

Other than "make sure you have shoes with good support," do you have any recommendations for dealing with this? I have very archy feet, and am prone to feeling like they're going to collapse if I walk long distances.
Get shoes with good support. Also, get used to the exercise, which I think is a big one.

Other than that, I am largely ignorant on the topic. Some of it for me is just sucking it up and dealing.

Also, new workout shoes often hurt my arches for a month or so.


Sounds like the running is setting in! I imagine New England in spring is a lovely place to stomp around. Now it's spring here too, I've dug my bike outta incarceration in the storage room below and started mucking it up in nearby parks. I find riding on the running off-days really, really, really helps my own tweaky knees- I recover faster, hurt less, and remain stretched out on the days I don't hazard a little yoga after stomping.

One of these days I'll get some proper shoes and discover how much that helps, too. ;)

In short, go you! (I read and cheer.)


I'm just about to go out for a walk.

The running may be helping build my wind for climbing, too, which is nice.
Sigh. I'd been hoping for something I could pro-actively do, but I suspected that "just do more of it" would be the major answer. Two or three miles (or more) not on the elliptical is about when I start having real problems, but I'm hoping that doing more treadmill/ground time will make a change.

Since I practically crippled myself my first day in London last year, and am leaving to do that again on May 6th.
Better shoes and insoles? Mucho arch support? See a professional for a real fitting?

Because OW.
I just got new shoes, and am breaking them in. If that doesn't work, then maybe we look into professional help.

Because yeah -- ow. I have the arches of a ballet dancer, and they don't like getting compressed.