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The trouble with poets is they talk too much.

Or not enough, in this case. Thank you truepenny for this very nifty CD. Now I have to turn you on to John Gorka, I think....

Wordcount: 508
Reason for stopping: Stalled

Figured out a nice thematic thing I can do very sparely and went back and put in the pointers to it. Wrote about 450 words of Kit-POV. Flagging now, and not sure what happens next: well, I know the plot coupon that happens next, but the story that surrounds it hasn't yet quite jelled.


I'm packaging up a sub for a grant thingy, and figuring out if any of the three stories in my In basket have anywhere to go. It looks grim until Polyphony re-opens and some other markets clear. (102 days at Ideomancer. That's just bizarre.)

Otherwise, nomail.
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