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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon and morgan gun

don't believe in fear. don't believe in faith. don't believe in anything that you can't break.

There's one spot on 84 westbound in Tolland where, if you hit the ridge at just the right time of day, you come around a curve and all the white birches on the north side of the road are limned in copper, and the blue ridges to the west march on in misty tiers to the spill of sunset behind them.

Today was one of the days when I hit it right.

I love this state.

In other news, "Ballistic" is live. Enjoy!


Yay, new SU content! Thanks, guys.

Our phrase for those just right moments is 'Hey we live here!'.

Edited at 2008-04-14 01:47 am (UTC)
I know exactly the spot, and the moment, you described.

That stretch of 84 is just about the most miserable chunk of road imaginable, but occasionally it redeems itself.
about the most miserable chunk of road imaginable

You've never driven in Nevada or Nebraska, have you?
-- Brady's read Maupin.

I love this bunch more and more with every sentence. Just so you know.
Brady's deepest, darkest secret is actually that he's a voracious reader. *g*
I know the spot you're thinking about. (and how you put it. yes.) I am quite fond of the stretch of 84 in between Hartford and Boston; I have such happy memories at either end and on points on the way. sometimes, traveling west, it seems I'm riding the sunset, blazing forth into the rich deepening colors. ^_^

I've driven through Fall River many times, but only stopped a few times, for concerts. I think there are some neat parks in the area, I should go back.
Yeah. That bit.

I like it up there--curves and trees and hills. It's really nice in fall.
Eww yeah, 94 across Wisconsin is pretty miserable, too.

By far my all-time least favorite road, however, is the part of the PA Turnpike that's I-476 from Philly up through Allentown. There's a picture of that stretch next to the dictionary definition of "claustrophobic". I will drive far, far out of my way to avoid that road, schedule be damned.
Just for the record, I am now inordinately fond of Madeline Frost...

That was a good episode. Thanks to all of you!
Know that place in Tolland and it is beautiful.

Least favorite is 57 south of Champaign, IL. Each horizon has a train track and corn fields. Nothing else for miles, and miles, and miles, ...

Note from a random mostly-lurker: I always feel inordinately smart when I know the lyrics in your subject line.
I am so glad it worked for you! Thank you!
There may be other opinions of Connecticut. A uncle of mine, for example, went there to die.
I-16 in Georgia between Macon and Savannah. Most boring 4 hour stretch of nothing ever. Long flat straight highway broken by the occasional Cracker Barrel and not much else. Bleah.

I can't wait to read Ballistic! Gotta wait til the kid's asleep, though.