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we r srs plice. this r srs manhunt.

So I wound up not going climbing tonight.

Here's why:

My neighborhood looks like they're shooting an episode of Criminal Minds out there. A season finale, at that.

I count three jurisdictions--Hartford PD, West Hartford, and some Stateys. They had Prospect Street, which is the Hartford/West Hartford line, closed with a roadblock a half hour ago, and there are officers in ballistic vests peering into every passing car and walking in pairs up and down driveways, looking under tarpaulins in people's back yards and knocking on doors. I saw a procession of three state police cars go past the end of the street, and a brief inspection showed at least twenty police cars within a block of where I live.

I decided to stay home. *g*

(And the local news is singularly useless in telling me what's going on. There's a couple of breaking news stories, but none that should involve an intensive house-by-house foot search in my neighborhood.)

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