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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

My head hurts, my hands hurt, and I really would rather be napping.

I'm printing Scardown out to reread and edit on the plane, so I can add those two scenes it needs, and do my location-scouting in Toronto.

I'm scared it will be terrible, of course. On the other hand, it's only 422 pages, which means that The Stratford Man is already almost 30% longer.

I bought a new notebook today--college ruled spiral bound, and I really wish I knew where to get narrow-ruled spiral bound notebooks these days: I don't think anybody makes them any more--and I already wrote three paragraphs of KitPOV in it, so it feels well broken in.

I love the way handwritten draft expands when you type it into the computer. Especially if your handwriting is as dense as mine.

There's just something about office supplies. I love the smell of fresh paper and green ink in the morning.


If you do find any narrow ruled spiral bound notebooks, would you let me know WHERE? I wish I could find some.
roger wilco. *g*
It's funny how much the notebook matters. I use these cheap blue cloth-bound narrow-ruled notebooks that the university bookstore sells. The paper's faintly green-tinged and the pages are numbered (!).

I always had trouble with spiral-bounds because I write oddly, and so my hand always ended up getting pressed into the spiral (ouch). And my notebooks lead a hard life (the ones I use are just the size to fit into my enormous purse, and I carry one with me everywhere I go), so the cloth-bound means the pages don't fall out.

But, yeah, has to be narrow-ruled. Otherwise my handwriting develops galloping megalomania. I hated blue books as an undergrad, because they were so wide-ruled.
Ooh, chem lab notebooks. (At least, that's the use my university bookstore assigns them.) They're great for diss notes, too.
I think that is what they get sold at. I defy marketing categories. :)

I use 'em for everything. Gave up about five years ago on trying to keep separate notebeooks for everything, so it all just goes in the one notebook. Works far better for me: I was forever getting out of the house with the wrong notebook before.

Me To

I have 10 trunked drafts, and all of them were handwritten. I loved doing that - made it easier for me to connect, somehow. Lex was my first computer draft (I had not so much as a typewriter before that). I'm not thoroughly addicted to the ability to delete whole chapters at will.

However, I still, no occasion, when the idea's really hot, note things down elsewhere and then re-type. I love the way it invariably turns out better in the second typing.