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My head hurts, my hands hurt, and I really would rather be napping.

I'm printing Scardown out to reread and edit on the plane, so I can add those two scenes it needs, and do my location-scouting in Toronto.

I'm scared it will be terrible, of course. On the other hand, it's only 422 pages, which means that The Stratford Man is already almost 30% longer.

I bought a new notebook today--college ruled spiral bound, and I really wish I knew where to get narrow-ruled spiral bound notebooks these days: I don't think anybody makes them any more--and I already wrote three paragraphs of KitPOV in it, so it feels well broken in.

I love the way handwritten draft expands when you type it into the computer. Especially if your handwriting is as dense as mine.

There's just something about office supplies. I love the smell of fresh paper and green ink in the morning.

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