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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

we got to install microwave ovens

Book #93 (which is only #5 for the year, because I kind of suck because I have been extremely busy), Liz Williams, The Demon and the City.

Alas, I did not like this one quite as much as Snake Agent--the plot structure was a little loose for my tastes, but... you all know how I like to plot. ;-) However, massive points for the Feng Shui war; I wanted, in fact, more little mirrors everywhere, and that detail makes me want to turn this into a film. With lots of sparkling mirrors everywhere.

Now maybe I should go find another book to read. Eventually I have to pack, and bring stuff down to the car, but I always do that at the last possible minute anyway. 


I get spam from a UK email domain from a Liz Williams. But definitely not THAT Liz Williams.

The only spam I've been sending you has related to armguards...
Oh no, this has nothing to do with my arms.
Which is why I know it's not "that Liz Williams."

Unless you've heard...
Let me guess. You need really big gloves?
You've been speaking to Liz (my Liz(tm))!
Precious Dragon is great fun. The setting is so interesting that I’d love to see the cop-show version of it with the short, non-worldshaking cases.
Thank you! And it is under option, so fingers crossed!
So, are you listening to the "Best of Dire Straits" right now? Because you referenced "Telegraph Road" in your entry title a few days back. Just curious.
custom kitchen delivery....
Beat me to it!
Have you read _Celestial Matters_ by Richard Garfinkle? Ancient Greek ideas of physics are true (the story includes a voyage to the sun to collect elemental fire) and so is feng shui, so Greece and China are the superpowers. The feng shui isn't especially worked out, but the book is quite a bit of fun.
I haven't read Demon yet. One of the things I enjoyed about Snake-Agent was not realizing I had already been "dropped into the world" yet.

Definitely not something I've mastered.
You probably don't need this (if you are anything at all like me, you have a stack of things you've already purchased or been sent and not gotten to yet), but, just in case, I just finished Joe Hill's collection 20th Century Ghosts, and DAMN, did I like it.

This is what I thought:

ow ow ow earworm.

*makes note of book nonetheless*

Travel safe.
DEMON was actually written first and was originally a cross-over with GHOST SISTER (don't ask), so I think this may result for any plot unfortunatenesses.

The whole thing actually started life in Hong Kong on a boat (my journalist friend K's house boat), and an actual feng shui war. HK has these on a regular basis and at one point banks got so het up about it that they were, indeed, altering their roofs to point nastily at other institutions, and putting mirrors everywhere. When someone crashed their car as a result of reflected sunlight, the city clamped down and made everyone take the mirrors away.

You couldn't make it up. And I didn't.
That is SO COOL.