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from ellen_datlow

The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Del Rey: Ballantine. Apr. 2008. c.416p. ed. by Ellen Datlow. ISBN 978-0-345-49632-4. pap. $16. SF

From Jason Stoddard's unusual alternate history featuring elephants and a search for uranium in the land of the Diné ("The Elephant Ironclads") to Margo Lanagan's wicked version of Hansel and Gretel ("The Goosle"), the 16 original tales in this collection highlight some of the best work from genre veterans and newcomers. Including contributions by Elizabeth Bear, Lavie Tidbar, Barry Malzberg, and Pat Cadigan, this eclectic mixture of new sf and fantasy belongs in most libraries.

Library Journal April 14, 2008


That's the one that has my Promethean Age story "Sonny Liston Takes the Fall"--which I suspect is currently my best piece of work--in it.

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