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Book Report # 94: Vincent J. DiMaio and Dominick DiMaio, Forensic Pathology

Another entry in the excellent Vernon Geberth edited series of textbooks on practical applications of criminal and forensic investigation. Dense, crunchy, intended for medical professionals (I learned two new words--"cachectic" and "hemoptysis"--and my medical Latin is pretty darned good for a non-doctor), and full of the usual assortment of incredibly gross but illustrative scene photos.

There's nothing like a nice forensic pathology textbook to make you realize that we're all here on sufferance.

Also, to make you wear your seatbelt always, and give up drinking for good. In fact, I think the phrase "positional asphyxia" alone is nearly enough to turn me into a teetotaler.

I did learn a whole bunch of interesting and useful things, however. If you can hack color photos of avulsed flesh and autopsy photos, and you're not scared of big Latinate words, it's a useful writer resource.

And--hey, BONUS!--it's not nearly as nightmare-inducing as Practical Homicide Investigation or the ever-popular Sex-Related Homicide And Death Investigation, which is the single most disturbing book I own.

(I'm pretty sure that second one is the legendary Red Book that one of the Criminal Minds writer/producers locks in the trunk of his car overnight, because he won't sleep with it in the house. Yes, it really is quite bad. No, I'm not very squeamish; I worked in a hospital and I hang around with EMTs and cops. The cat nearly gave me a heart attack by jumping on my pillow one night when I had been up late researching something in that one. I woke up absolutely certain Ted Bundy was in my room.)

...and so to bed, since I have to get up in  just a few hours and start driving.
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