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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

go and find rose and talk about order. go and find rose and talk about yale.

I'm at a truck stop borrowing a cup of internets while I kill half an hour before meeting the estimable Mr. Barzak for not-lunch. So I thought I'd report in and say hi.

On the way down, I saw a blue heron and some sort of big falcon, and the usual assortment of red-tailed hawks. Also, the first thing I saw having crossed the Pennsylvania state line was a roadkill deer.

Welcome to Pennsylvania, roadkill capital of North America.

The drive down (or, more technically, across) has been pleasant so far, and I am two thirds of the way there. Should be in Ann Arbor by 8 pm at the latest, I think, which should work out well for missing traffic.

And now, on the road again.


a studebaker?
Ha! (Got that one)

Lurvs to teh muppetz
My God, you're in Hubbard, you poor woman. You have all the condolences I can muster through my giggles.

At least you're not in Cadiz.

Had I been well enough to read and concentrate the past few days, I would have insisted on you coming up and being taught that Ohio is not ALL like this when you're done with the sticks. But, well, I haven't been. So you'll just have to trust me.

But, you know, Hubbard. [giggle]
We really do get a whole lot of roadkill out here, now that you mention it. My mother always says you can tell when it's really spring by the sudden influx of dead baby animals. "Darwin's First Cut", she calls it ...
Yay! We've got to get together for lunch or dinner or something while you're here.

Once we got to or from Pennsic, we would also share our deer-counts.

They tended to be higher on I-80 rather than I-90.

I think you will be driving right past the Great Lakes Brewing Co. You lucky woman.
I didn't know you were coming here first! Yay! ('course, I'll be in the office until six or so and have Puppy tonight).

Anyway, of course, I'm sure it goes without saying, please call me if you need anything while you're in Ann Arbor. Everything is like six minutes away from me, whether I'm in the office or at home. o/w I will see you in Troy!

complete side note

I'm so happy that someone else in the world knows the song from which you grepped your title. I love that whole album, and especially like playing the two songs about Rose back to back. If you don't already know about Blows Against the Empire, you might want to: it's just as good in a completely different way.

Re: complete side note

I'm happy there's two people. As my middle name is Rose, the two Rose songs were among my favorite as a preteen. Defiant and SFnal.
Hey, see you at Penguicon!
My iPod played "Movin' Right Along" yesterday evening, and it made me think of you and your drive to Penguicon. I hope your trip's been devoid of detours to Saskatchewan and/or sunrises in the west, though.

See you in a couple of days, and watch out for the fork in the road!
Out here in PA, we refer to deer as 'rats with antlers.' This is what happens when you remove all the natural predators.
You actually will be driving through the one state that rivals PA --- Ohio.

Having lived both places, I think it may be a dead heat between the two.

You knew it was spring when the turkey buzzards came back to clean up all the "Darwin's First Cut".
Ahhh, I-80, I remember it so very well from boyhood trips to New York form the far reaches of Iowegia...heck, I could probably drive the 18-oss hours nigh in my sleep.
I've seen more roadkill in Ohio than in any other state I've been in, oddly.