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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

In A2.

Not dead.

In a nod to narrative circularity, I left my place at dawn and pulled into colomon and mandolinjen's driveway at sunset.

I think that would be heavyhanded if I did it in a book. *g*

(There will be no Criminal Minds postmortem this week, for obvious reasons. ETA: But there is spoilery discussion in the comments of this post. I will do a double one next week.)



There will be no Criminal Minds postmortem this week

This was a really really good one. I hope you get time to watch it soon.
I saw it. It was a little heavyhanded, I thought, but generally good. And nice character development. But the writeup takes time, and rewatching.
See you in a day or so! Preferably not dead.
Yay for safe arrivals!
Rats, and I was gonna watch it this week. (Wait a second, when does it air? I might have missed it...)
You missed it. *g* Wednesday night at 9.
I've found that real life often offers events that would be high-handed, brick-to-the-head symbolism if put in a book.

Like the day where immediately following bad medical news, I hit the road north. It being immediately after a holiday weekend, the highway clean-up crew hadn't been out in three days. So for an hour I drove past dead dogs, dead deer, dead unidentifiable road-pizzas, with crows and vultures flocking everywhere. With a low gray cloud cover and spattering rain, just for good measure.
Hey! You're in town! And as it happens, I just started reading Undertow as it was next in my queue. How oddly coincidental. (I like it, by the way.)
Just for one day, on my way to Troy for Penguicon.

There is supposed to maybe be a late lunch thing maybe. Email me your phone number?

The Bear is in A2?

Hi Bear! What brings you to town? Was I completely lame and missed something on your blog? Are you going to be somewhere Public with People so I can come see ya?

Re: The Bear is in A2?

I'm on my way to Penguicon, but email me your phone number and I will make sure you know what the lunch/dinner plans are???
Glad you made it there safely. Enjoy the con and the friends and all.
Glad you had a safe trip. I always found that drive soooo boring, esp. the PA part. Give Sol and Jen a hug from me. I miss that crowd. I wish they'd all come to TBR.
I so much prefer the PA part to either the thruway or Ohio, I have to say.

But yeah.

And I will twist their arms for you.
I love your postmortems. :) Then again, I forgot to record the show. Well, it was set up to record, but the wrong disk was in the recorder. BOO.
I don't think I'm missing the point. I think it's a very good episode and it successfully brought together a lot of character work and development; I do think some of the narrative work was done with a sledgehammer.

And you know, I want to see what you have to say.

Plus plus and also

Dude, when Morgan talked about being One of Us I looked over to see my 5' 8" sword fighter/engineer/snappy dresser spouse nodding like one of those bobble head toys. Because he was once the 5' 1", 110 pound freshman with car keys and he soooo got what Morgan was talking about there.

Reid's whole life has been about Things We Do Not Talk About. Loved seeing Michael Ironside, full of gnomic wisdom, like Yoda with a badge.

Nice echo there between the meeting full of LEOs at the beginning and the cop shop full of people who didn't seem to get that one of their own had been building a school shooter at home.

Mothers who couldn't be there for their kids all over this one. Hope, dead of her drinking problem that the COTW hushed up. And Reid's mother. And Jordan's.

Fathers who just don't show up, who don't see their kids no matter how hard the kid tries. No Father of the Year award. And Gideon left a note, but he still left, didn't he? See Hotch making yet another silent vow to not be That Guy.

No pictures of the kid? Yeah, well here Dad, have a picture of one of the most famous bits of automotive wreckage in history. The mirror painted black. Hope died. My show, it sometimes decides to forego the subtlety.

So much good Hotch and Reid stuff here.

Reid pulling off the Kevlar, disarming himself. Having himself an 'I am Spartacus' moment there. Nobody else was there for Owen, not his parents, not the COTW who took him in once dad got home, not the school. Reid handing off his gun, trusting Prentiss even as he moved toward Owen and spilled his guts.

"I know." I know how it feels, I know what they did. I'm putting my body between you and the guys with guns. Because no one did that for Reid for a very long time, Owen.

What's he doing? Rossi asks Hotch. And the answer is he's blocking our shot. And the thing that lies under that, unsaid, is the only thing he can do. It's who he is, thanks to his father, thanks to his mother, thanks to his giant brain and his history of being the smartest kid in the room (but being smart didn't protect you, didn't make you belong), thanks to Jason Gideon, thanks to Tobias. He's the guy who knows how you feel, Owen, and today he's going to save your life if you'll let him.

Because, thanks to his giant brain and the team, he believes that people can sometimes be saved.

Re: Plus plus and also


SO MUCH PAYOFF in this episode.

My show.

I love it.
I'll have to suck it up and wait for your commentary (cries a little). That said, I simply don't have the patience to NOT post my humble (blatant) opinions. When Hotch was "talking to" Reid in the police station office it reminded me so much of Elle and Hotch during "Aftermath." Reid storms out (nice to see he does have a temper after all - I've been waiting 3 seasons to see it); fortunately he doesn't have the meltdown Elle did and like you said before, the only one he'll kill or get killed is himself.

And whod'a thought Morgan would be the only one to empathize with Reid and try to reach him on a gut level. While he was talking I remembered that Morgan had been on a football team in high school - what do you think: did he and/or HIS team do anything similar (or worse) to someone like Reid back then? Did the bullied become the bullier?

I was ticked off at JJ for the "he was out of line" remark to the COTW. Yeah, he might have been but she didn't do that behind Strauss' back when Strauss deserved it. To me it seemed like a betrayal. She knew Hotch was talking to him and could have said it to him if she had to get it off her chest. I don't know why but it didn't sit well with me. Not the first time she didn't have his back (ouch).

And of course we go around the mountain again with Reid's parting statement to Hotch - What does that make me? (how am I different from them?) I absolutely love this show.
At the risk of appearing a day late and a dollar short, I just wanted to cast one pro-Rossi vote.

Yeah, yeah, he's a PITA, he won't gel with the team, and it's not clear whether the writers haven't yet "found" his place in the show, or if the character really is as obnoxious and hollow inside as he comes off.

I like the fact that he remains odd-man-out among this marvelous team of damaged people who've managed to pull together despite whatever unquiet seethes in their souls. I like the idea of that little piece of grit rubbing around inside the team "machine", and I really don't want him to become immediately understandable and tractable (even, ghod forbid, "nice") now that the "killer clown" story has been told.

No, he'll never be my favorite character (yes, another Reid fangirl) but I like what Rossi brings out of the other characters. If rocks in the stream disturb the current and create turbulence, he's a Washington Monument-sized boulder.