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"Let's go inside."

Yeah, I know what I said, but I got it done.

Look, drunken jerk in a truck! This certainly won't end well. Boom!
And they're not even trying to deconstruct the Johnny Cash; you can't deconstruct Johnny. He's immune.

And it's the sheriff of nowhere responding.

Oh yeah, applause, and Spencer standing at the front of the room with an uncomfortable smile. Has public speaking gotten any easier, man? "My name's Spencer, and I'm--I don't really know what I am." Yeah, he's been doing the research. He came here tonight to do this, in his red sweatervest and his blue patterned shirt, and the first thing he says is not so far off from what he said to Tobias, is it? "My name is Spencer Reid, and I'm not a devil."
Another show would have used this as the payoff at the end of the episode, not a way of demonstrating the intense pressure under which our guys work. Can't even attend a damned AA/NA meeting without interruptions.

"I guess--I know." Yeah, honesty. And he's proud of himself for having kicked. As he should be.
So 3rd Life was a month ago, CM time. And Spencer turns off his pager. "I wanna escape." Your timing sucks, Jaje.
"You know who I am." Now that I have proven I know who you are.
Michael Ironside as the A.D. Woooo! "Here there's no sirs."
And this isn't something you talk about at the office.
"It took me 6 years to get it."
And yeah, of course. John knows what happened to Reid. Everybody at work knows what happened to Reid.

"I only have ten months."
"Couple of months, we get you your own."
"I don't understand." He's just made himself your sponsor, Spencer. *g* You picked the right meeting.

Heh. Reid, barreling in late and disheveled, just as he did right after "Revelations." But for totally different reasons.
"I hope she was worth it."
"I hope it was a she." Nice, Morgan. Not only does that speak heaps to Morgan's backstory, but also tweaks the very understated work they're doing with Reid and whether or not he likes boys in addition to girls. I love my show.
Shut up, Dave.
Hotch to the rescue. Emily knows where Reid was, and she gives him the little grin.
Emily cuts to the chase. <3

"They're going to want revenge."
"Can you blame 'em"
Well, yes, Dave. I can.

Collapsible GMC! Drink!
It's Rossi with the blue nitrile gloves today. Nice shot framing the Gube against that support beam: yes, he is a tall skinny creature.
And we know it's personal. Emily notices the detail again.
"It's personal."
Hotch, your hair? Is problematic.
But at least it's clean, unlike Reid's.

How come Morgan, bomb squad guy, is not inside looking at the boom?

And we have identified the UNSUB ten minutes into the ep.
Reid spots the dusted photos.
"Is that why he resented them?" Spencer, you are alienating the witness.
And Hotch trying to apologize for Reid without apologizing.
Don't use birthdays for combinations!
Hotch knows its Owen.

"Still haven't found the father of the year award." Heh. Spencer, honey, neither Gideon nor your dad are in this room right now.
His resentment rings really beautifully true, however. I love what they have done with this character, and Morgan as well. Deconstructing the stereotype R us. And I love the insolent, adolescent, yeah, I don't care what Hotch does to me. I admire the guts it took to take a fluffy-sweet character and spend fourteen months explaining that no, he has sharp edges and self-loathing like you wouldn't believe. Ahhh, complexity.

"I wish all our UNSUBs would just tack their profiles on their walls like this."

"Smart money says you didn't paint your mirrors black."

Victim #5. Spree killer!

I actually like Rossi in this scene. And Emily is pissed off with the local cops too.
"We have a problem."
Rossi cracks the case!

Eventually, Criminal Minds is going to hire every young actor in Hollywood with curlyish medium-brown hair.

All the good ones are taken, gay, or sociopaths!

Spencer Reid still hates high school counselors. Man, he is really losing his lunch. Oh, the looks Reid and Hotch are giving each other in this scene.
Morgan cracks the case!
"Being the smartest kid in class is like being the only kid in class." Yeah, Hotch gets that. *g*
The conspiracy of silence in this school is a lovely understated touch. Silence = death. Another constantly demonstrated refrain. Morgan, Garcia, Reid, Gideon, Hotch, Elle.... over and over.
CM says, you need your family.
Also, Reid's genius and his damage remain identical, and so it goes for everyone else on the team as well.

Eileen is lovely. I like the women and their frendship as parallel to her and Jordan's friiendship. And Prentiss with the moment of comfort.
And the girls crack the case!

Oh, the look of disgust on Hotch's face the counselor says "It was his word against theirs." is a Thing. Of. Beauty. *hotchloff*
"Once it's on the internet, it's out there forever." Shades of Revelations. Again.
And Reid and his absolute uncomprehending scorn for people who don't get involved. He doesn't get it. He never has. (And soon we find out why.)
Spencer and his temper. Man. Previously, we've only seen him take it out on team members--Morgan, Emily. This is new.

And Hotch knows what's going on with him.
Hotchalanche! With associated Emily!
Garcia, who is sir not appearing in this episode, is still love.
Emily-Garcia friendship, still made of win.

The shot of Reid reacting while Rossi profiles Jordan and Owen is lovely. Yeah, his own damage is way up front in his head.
"Everybody won't be treated all the same." Thematic statement!
"He's collecting injustices."

Hostile cops, la.

Reid? Don't tell them they got lucky.

The Hotch-Reid fight very very nearly makes up for never getting the scene where Reid tears Gideon a new one. And I love that what's going on here is Hotch manipulating Reid exactly the same way he used to manipulate Gideon. "Fine. Go use your overidentification."
Reid is acting out the adolescent rebellion he never got to have as a kid at Mom. Poor Mom. He doesn't need this right now.
But Hotch, unlike Gideon, and unlike Diana Reid, is a good parent.
My fandom's mom is the best mom.

Owen's making plans for the future. It's not hopeless.

Morgan still reaching out to Reid--parallels back to the aptly-named "The Popular Kids," doesn't it?
Reid's childhood trauma rings a little too horribly true.
And that is why Spencer Reid believes that nobody is coming for you. And why Derek Morgan believes that nobody is going to save you except yourself, and you hump your own load.
I love my show.
"He never got a chance to say goodbye to his mother."

"We'll save her. And take away his reason to live."

"This is your last chance."
The girls are love.

Reid is wearing a much better cardigan this episode.

Owen, sweetie, bury the body where your girlfriend can't see you.
"It's not Jordan." Thank you, Captain Obvious.
The first time I watched this I was sure they killed her. Because yes, my TV show kills people sometimes. I think Rebecca Bryant proved that to us conclusively.

Emily and JJ doing the old Gideon and Hotch prop-up routine. Yes. Kids really do learn what they see their parents do. And here's Jordan.

The delivery on "A half-dug grave" is really a fabulous moment of acting. Because every second of Reid up to his knees in that grave is in MGG's voice right then. Flashbulb memory! Drink!
And more Johny Cash--Hurt.
Reid taking off his vest is a pretty nice moment too--reminiscent of "Derailed.". And then the fact that he goes running to the women for help. Because Reid really is one of the girls. And Emily and JJ have his back.
Owen fixing his hair before he goes to die is also pretty nice.

Also, this scene with Reid and Owen is amazing.
Yes, Reid has blocked Hotch's shot. But not Emily's.
"I'm already dead."
Yeah, kid. So am I.
Oh, low blow with the comment regarding Jordan.
"You'll say goodbye to her and you'll give her the necklace."
Reid has not lost one iota of his stupid brave. It's just different now, because he's lost enough to realize what happens when you lose. The tightly closed eyes--he's expecting Owen to shoot him, and he's out there anyway, because he has to be. A man who is already dead can accomplish amazing things.
Save the UNSUB, save yourself, Spencer Reid.
Does this remind anyone else of the ending of "Distress"?
Yeah. Me too.
So the PTSD plotline comes full circle.

Rossi gets points for blocking the cops with *his* body.

YAY! We win! We totally win! We saved absolutely everybody we absolutely could have!

The plane scene with Hotch and Reid at the end is such a lovely parallel to the scene at the end of "Jones," with Reid and Gideon. Except this time, when Reid says, "It won't happen again," he's not finding a way to promise without promising. (It also parallels the Morgan and Reid conversation at the end of "Fear and Loathing.") He's telling Hotch he's gonna make it.
("What happens if he kills someone?" "You catch him.")

And a year is about right for that. My show. It does not make shit easy.
"Keeping score."
Except Reid is collecting reasons to live, and keep doing the job, and stay clean.

And next week, we are alleged to be given a JJ episode. So woot!

Discussion for this ep is already ongoing here.
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