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time's a revelator

Five random things make a post:

1) My story, "Your Collar," is live and free at the Spring issue of Subterranean. It's set in the same universe as "Orm the Beautiful," but with a different monster. I think there will be at least one more story in this setting, but I have not written it yet.

2) I hadn't known, but apparently A Companion to Wolves is the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award winner for Best Fantasy Novel. Other RT awards in SF&F went to Pat Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind and John Scalzi's The Last Colony.

3) I went for a run today, but I did it too late in the day and gave myself a sunshine headache. 206.9 miles to Lothlorien. The road has begun climbing into the mountains. Soon I will be in the Redhorn Pass. Oops. Bad planning.

4) I forgot to eat anything yet today except a lassi. This may be contributing to the headache. As may a critical lack of caffeine.

5) About a thousand words on "Overkill" this morning. I need to go back and poke at it some more once I have made some tea and eaten some food.

Also, I'm home safe. The Presumptuous Cat is still lecturing me about what a bad human I are. And every time I drive through Nanticoke, PA, I think it should be Manticore, PA.
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