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it's a great life, if you don't weaken

i hope we are resembled, vowing our loves to equal death and life.

So I have a stack of ARCs for Ink & Steel here, and the page proofs for All the Windwracked Stars, which I need to start working on tomorrow.

And so I have decided to run a contest, and empaneled an elite group of judges to consider the entries.

What's the contest? Easy!

In the comments of this entry, contest entrants may post either an original sonnet or an original limerick. Subject matter shall either relate to my work (because it's all about me) or the literary remains and lives of the Elizabethan and/or Jacobean poets.

I will award one (1) ARC of Ink & Steel to each of the best two (2) sonnets and limericks. Which is to say, four (4) winners in total: the two best limericks and the two best sonnets (as selected by the Elite Panel of Judges.)

Contest will remain open until midnight eastern time May 5th.

If I send you an ARC, it would be very nice if you could blog about it once you've read it. And yes, if you hate it, you can still blog about it and I won't be upset.
Tags: contest, will & kit's bogus journey
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