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it's the hour of the wolf and i don't want to die

[23:07] matociquala: Dear Danny Elfman, please tell me what my novel is about?
[23:08] leahbobet: the goddamn Batman
[23:08] matociquala: I knew that bit.
[23:08] matociquala: Well, Tristen.
[23:08] matociquala: Who is sort of like the goddamn Batman
[23:08] matociquala: Only processing his wangst better
[23:08] leahbobet: hee
[23:12] matociquala: You ever notice that you never hear the phrase, "Too much Batman, not enough roller derby?"
[23:12] tanaise: is this proof he'd be the perfect boyfriend?
[23:13] matociquala: Or that he's the antiboyfriend
[23:13] tanaise: or both
[23:15] leahbobet: Batman is composed of 99.9% roller derby.
[23:15] leahbobet: The rest is water.

In related news, I have an extension on Chill until September 15. All official like.

*commence catlike ignoring*

Besides, I have all this other, important work to do.
Tags: chatroom transcripts, he's the goddamn batman
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