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what is the law?

I may have a final draft of "Overkill," unless I broke anything that will need further fixing.

Stories. Hate 'em, Jake.

Figured out anothe facet of what's wrong with my head. See, I've developed this thing where all I can see about stories is how they are broken. I think it's an aftereffect of too much workshopping. It's one reason why I've stopped looking for reviews.

Because dude, you know what? Every story ever written is broken. All of them. People don't like stories because of what they don't do wrong.

They like them because of what they do right.

It would be nice to be able to work without loathing everything I write again. I wonder if that will ever happen.

Well, while we're on that cheerful note, here's Act I, Scene i of Ink & Steel.

And here's a chocolate company being started up by my friend coffeeinhell.

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