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Book keeping

926 words, most of them connective tissue between scenes already built. I've just bloody well skipped the two or three scenes I'm not yet sure I know how to develop yet, and moved right along with the smut.

Reason for stopping: I'm exhausted. Utterly exhausted. And I don't quite know what to work on now. I may need a break.

But I did crack 600 pages today.

Rosalind: Oh how full of briers is this working day world.

Celia: They are but burs, Cosen, throwne vpon thee
in holiday foolerie, if we walke not in the trodden paths
our very petty-coates will catch them.

Rosalind: I could shake them off my coate, these burs are
in my heart.

--William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act I, scene III

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