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cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon

Yesterday, Jack Williamson would have turned 100, and Albert Hoffman passed away at the age of 102. I feel as if both of these things deserve recognition.

I'm much less interesting than either of those grand old men. However, this is my blog and I feel like I should mention that in an extraordinary burst of conscientiousness, I wrote 509 words on "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood," finished "Overkill," and did one final grovel-through on Refining Fire.

Funny thing. I think they're all pretty good stories. Even if I'm not quite sure yet what TRitSiOB is about. But at least I have a protagonist. Obviously it needs more setting. (When in doubt, add setting.)

Also, 12 hours after I took those multivitamins, my sensation of impending doom went away.



Good night, all.

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