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Criminal Minds 3x16/17, "In Heat."

Wow. CSI:NY is a really, really, really bad TV show.


(Yeah, I was too lazy to turn off the TV after watching Criminal Minds.)

Expect conversation on that show in the morning. *g* I am lazy tonight. But I will say, for the very first time, there was not a single second when David Rossi was on screen that I didn't like him. And by the end, I was honestly cheering for him.


...Oh, screw it. I'll do the rewatch now. I need to get this other thing out of my head.

Somewhere in the opening salsa dance montage is the single hottest girl belly I have ever seen. Excuse me, I need to rewind that scene a few more times. Ahem. Where were we?

Oh, there she is again. Dark-skinned young lady in the silver top and the heavy belt. Wow.

So are we noticing a parallel structure between this ep and "Jones?" I think we are.

Pen, honey? Don't walk into the dark apartment. You know better. And Kevin needs a smack, but he pulls it out with the strawberries. Hot Geek Sex for the win. Awww. I am so happy that Garcia is getting some, and it appears to be quality nookie. She deserves a guy who knows his way around a whipped cream can.

Also, I love Garcia's current hair.

And I love the contrast between the wholesome kinky geek sex and the illicit stereotypically sexy people sex, complete with indcidental body.

"Everybody's allowed to be late, once." Hotch, you're adorable. But you really need to fix that haircut. You look like you're turning into a unicorn. Just say no to cowlick, man.

Maybe Haley used to cut it for him, and now he's getting by with a Flowbee.

And somebody needs to have a word with Reid about his lip fungus. In the absence of Gideon, though Reid and Lynch are doing what they can to hold up the side for Bad Shirt/Sweaterdom, I hereby rename my team The Bad Hair Brigade. Jesus people. Get your money back from Supercuts.

JJ with the quote.

"That's not what I'm talking about." Bitchy Reid, still love. Especially when he's being bitchy about Morgan and Rossi being dogs. Since when does Vegas Boy complain about the heat, though? Right, when it's setup for a joke.

And Morgan is hitting on the hot Latina COTW. And Prentiss yanking JJ's chain over Sexist Cop is love. I think Eddie Bernero is intentionally setting out to scuttle every ship in the fandom.

"They were all essentially alone." Hey, Reid is an Andrew Bird fan? Awesome. Also, predictable. Anddddddddddddddddddddd THEMATIC STATEMENT DRINK!


Hey, Sexist Cop? I didn't like you the first time we met you. But I like you now. Sexist cop FTW! 

JJ fails relationship! And the truth finally outs: It wasn't Spencer who blew that long-ago date.

"The skinny kid and Derek..." Heh. *g*

Also, Rossi and Prentiss bonding over the Cop of the Week? So beauteous. "Oh, I'm sure I don't want to know." I could take them both out to dinner for that snippet there. So arch. So self-deprecating. Huzzah!

"Odd." Rossi cracks the case! "Who takes off their wedding ring to jog?"

"I might just take you up on that."

Spencer's hair is better--at least it's moving, and he no longer looks like he borrowed it from a 15 year old lesbian in 1986 and never gave it back--but he does really need to acquaint himself with the operation of this miraculous new invention called a comb.

The Italian lessons are cute. I'm liking the thread of relationships threaded through this epeisode, point and counterpoint.

"This Garcia girl of yours is good."

GPS! Morgan cracks the case.

"We'll have to rethink our victimology." Uh, yeah. Ya think?

Unbelievable accents, drink.

Hello, the cruise.
I also really like the way they counterpoint the pickup in the gay bar with all the exactly similar pickups among the heterosexual couples. And alas, the doomed victim is cute.

Prentiss, still yanking JJ's chain. Aweeeeeeeeeeesome. Emily = best best girlfriend evar.

"How did I not know Charlie was gay?"

Profile! Drink! UNSUB shot! Drink!

Sweetie, please don't sing.

Gender reversal in the JJ/Lamontaigne fight. One of those tricks CM does so often and so well. Yeah, it's not any less shitty when a woman does that.
JJ fails relationships x2!
And I really, suddenly like Lamontaigne so very much. He's so very right.

Pathetic fallacy! It's raining on the emotional trauma!

And we contrast the two fucked-up couples. Very nice.
Meanwhile, JJ solves the case by projecting! Drink!
Devolving! Drink!

"He was interrupted."
"I can't describe him. He was a white guy." Bwah!

"Transference." Drink!
Also, Morgan interrupts Reid. Drink!
Hello, Spencer, that skinny tie does not make you look like a beatnik.

"Which I'm guessing is code for "Gay in Texas."" Garcia, I love you.

Dear COTW? Do not alter the secondary crime scene.

The creepiest bit is, I kind of like the UNSUB. The scene where he's practicing his next victim's accent is... charming. 0.0

"It's worth profiling." Morgan cracks the case!

Huh. Girl with freckles. How often do you see that on TV? She's cute, too.

Rossi is just made of win in the scene with Stephen's dad. (Stephen! Drink!) For once, I am totally down with him being Anger Management Man.
PSA: Dear America: Do not try to beat your children into heterosexuality. It will turn them into serial killers, and that is our criteria for bad parenting. Love, the BAU.
GO DAVE! And Hotch with the final tossed handful of sand.

(Longest commercial break evar.)

"Apparently." Oh, Reid. You make me laugh.
And Reid knows something Rossi didn't, and Rossi has the decency not to look shocked. See, another scene where I actually liked him.

COTW rushes in where angels fear to tread. That was such a Gideon moment. You think Morgan is feeling the familiarity?
Morgan is a think of beauty in this sceen. "I do not know Stephen."

"Nothing is wrong with you." Oh, Morgan. And Morgan saves the day by projecting. Personalize, connect. Oh man.
And we win two in a row. Two in a row. Broken bad guys saved by equally broken good guys. That is so cool.

"Call it an educated guess." The voice of experience, man.
And Morgan's getting a little sugar tonight. ;-) Taking the heat for the COTW....

I guarantee you, too much happy ending means there's a boom of biblical proportions lurking around the corner.

And Lamontaigne wins again. "He was my friend and I loved him."

Prentiss is a good friend.

"What's it been, like a year?" Reid FTW!

I love my show.

"If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we would find?" Indeedy.

Nice job, Andi Bushell and John Gallagher. *g*.

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