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bear by san

March 2017



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writing plot octopus

i don't wanna be your friend. i just wanna be your lover.

Five random things make a post.

1) Colossal Squid Slideshow. Jeepers:

The colossal squid is the only hooked squid in its family (the Cranchiidae, including roughly 20 species). It has hooks on each of its eight arms, and also on its two long tentacles. The hooks, some of which can swivel on demand, are designed to help the squid catch and maintain control of its fast-moving prey.

The scene where they are tasting the squid reminds me of 17th-century dissectionists using the sense of taste on cadavers. Hello, ew.

2) My run this morning was more of a walk, though I ran about three quarters of a mile of it. However, I did cover about 4.5 miles total in the spring mist and watery light, so I think I am forgiven.

3) I spotted half a hatched robin's egg on the sidewalk on the way home.

4) I am meant to be working on "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood" currently. Mostly what I am doing is staring at it and drinking tea. Somewhere in here is a story. I just need to find it.

5) God, I love misty rainy spring days. I could skip summer and winter entirely if I could have six months each of spring and autumn.


God, I love misty rainy spring days.

Heh, you should consider moving to the Willamette valley, you just described most of winter here, from late October to late April is like that.
Oh, whoa. Thank you so much for that link.
Oh, that squid post is too great. I love that they were joking around with it like that. There really are times not to take everything too seriously. :D
Each set of gills has its own heart?

How cool is that?

I wish they'd given length, diameter, etc. dimensions instead of just weight.

How cool is that?

Pretty damned cool, I tell you what.

using the icon just because it seemed appropriate...

I love how the fishermen were described as "accidentially" catching the squid. Because yeah, no one other than crazy scientists intentionally go out to haul in something like that...!

Also? When you see the eye of the squid, it's already half an hour past too late.

Re: using the icon just because it seemed appropriate...



Re: using the icon just because it seemed appropriate...

SOCCER ball sized.


Re: using the icon just because it seemed appropriate...

I knew what I meant!

Re: using the icon just because it seemed appropriate...

Well, softball sized would have been pretty impressive, too. I mean, *I* don't have soft-ball-sized eyes. I don't think I've ever met an animal with softball-sized eyes.

But nooooo. It couldn't just have mere, puny little softball eyes. It has to have soccer ball eyes. Probably each with *their* own heart.

Re: using the icon just because it seemed appropriate...

I've met a couple.

Heck, I've met a critter with a Soccer ball sized eye. And spent it going "OMG, So fucking cool, OMG, please don't kill me, OMG so fucking cool, OMG please don't kill me"
Strongly seconded. I love this area! (:
We were lucky enough to have been at the free talk in the Te Papa museum coffee shop two nights ago which was given by the (weary, exhausted, slighty drunk) scientists who have been awake all week thawing the squid.

The tasting was specifically to determine ammoniac qualities in the flesh which would give a clue as to the squid's buoyancy in life and, post mortem, determines the amount amount of formalin in the fixitive. The scientists we re split on the flavour- two said it tasted evil, two saying "eh".

Also, I got to ask during the Q&A if the suspected that this is a colour changing squid- they are pretty sure it is.

ooo. I am made of envy.
Random coolness: http://community.livejournal.com/breadmaking/profile

I'm going to tell Chaz, too.
Isn't that the community that had the stupid flamewar?
Was it? I just now had it pointed out to me.
I think it was the one that was being talked about on the SU message board, with the Bread Nazi.
Ah. I might have missed that, what with my Job Wangst.
You have had enough Job Wangst to go around, man.
Yeah! But it's over now! Until I get there and start, you know, working.

Mazel Tov. Sortof.
I think it'll be fun once I get there. Killer schedule, esp. the 1st year. (Five preps. WTF was I thinking.)
It was supremely dumb. Somebody posted a quick-and-easy French bread recipe that involved the clever use of a microwave as a proof box (a nice MacGuyver, I thought). Somebody else had fundie fits because the first person used sugar, and eggwash, and the microwave, and the described texture wasn't what the bread fundie thought it ought to be. Stupidity ensued as people made very sensible comments about different varieties of bread, especially different varieties of bread from France, and the bread fundie was stubborn.
Meh. Any community is prone to that sort of nonsense.
Dur. French bakers have been known to use eggwash. And sugar. Oh, people are stupid sometimes...
Might as well ask, "Isn't that the water that was wet?", dear.
Famous dissectionist last words:
  • Hmm, yes, plague. *thump*
  • I say, is this ebola? *splosh*
  • Definitely iocane powd....*flop*

(An incomplete list, obviously.)