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i don't wanna be your friend. i just wanna be your lover.

Five random things make a post.

1) Colossal Squid Slideshow. Jeepers:

The colossal squid is the only hooked squid in its family (the Cranchiidae, including roughly 20 species). It has hooks on each of its eight arms, and also on its two long tentacles. The hooks, some of which can swivel on demand, are designed to help the squid catch and maintain control of its fast-moving prey.

The scene where they are tasting the squid reminds me of 17th-century dissectionists using the sense of taste on cadavers. Hello, ew.

2) My run this morning was more of a walk, though I ran about three quarters of a mile of it. However, I did cover about 4.5 miles total in the spring mist and watery light, so I think I am forgiven.

3) I spotted half a hatched robin's egg on the sidewalk on the way home.

4) I am meant to be working on "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood" currently. Mostly what I am doing is staring at it and drinking tea. Somewhere in here is a story. I just need to find it.

5) God, I love misty rainy spring days. I could skip summer and winter entirely if I could have six months each of spring and autumn.
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