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bear by san

March 2017



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What a miserable fucking waste of a courageous horse.

This is happening too often.


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Agreed. It makes me sick.
Despite the beauty and brilliance of the racehorses, I find the underlying cruelty and waste too much--there are far more shattered than triumphant. I dislike the racing industries, both horse and dog.

We were just having that discussion.

I am in tears and alethea_eastrid is just angry because this is caused by inbreeding.

All 20 horses in the race were related by blood to the same make horse.

I feel just awful for the owners. They must have been so high, only to be laid so low.

I've been watching the Kentucky Derby for years (since marrying someone who watches it faithfully, basically) and until a few years ago I don't remember horses dying. Was I just not paying attention? WTF?
Oh no!

The filly?
She placed second, and shattered both forelegs on the pullup.

They euthanized her.
It does seem a cruel sport, since death is so frequent. But, after all, we don't ban either boxing or wrestling which have devastating effects on the participants. Someone makes a profit so what should they care about the externalities?
But in racing, the participants don't choose whether to participate. I've a cousin who was a prizefighter, and if he wanted to go out and get beat up/beat people up, as long as everyone was willing I didn't much care.

The horses and greyhounds don't have the option of saying no.
Unfortunately, it is. And twice in the hugely popular Triple Crown races over the last few years is bad.

This is why polytrack was introduced, to help prevent this-- unfortunately (again) it hasn't been doing its job.

The problem is that they are breeding bigger and bigger and not making the bone structure stronger. She was 17h tall. That is huge for a *male* horse. (Point Given was smaller than she was, to give you a frame of reference-- and he was a stallion.) It is horrible, but unfortunately with the unrestrained breeding that has been going on lately, it is going to happen all the more often. When they stop racing to breed, and start breeding to race again, then it will curtail. (And as much as I loved Unbridled, unfortunately he's contributing to a lot of the problems. He should've been gelded.)
Yes. She was a very big girl. I think they're hard up against the engineering properties of the horse.

I was mentioning to someone a while back that--never mind Secretariat, who was a freak of nature and possibly irreproducible--Sham's Derby record still stands.

I think they physically cannot get any faster.
I think I might be done for with this sport.
You really are.
We've had far fewer breakdowns in the West since they mandated the artificial turf, but it's still happening. The East has been slow to adopt the artificial turf and that's two major breakdowns at Churchill Downs in two days. If we're going to continue this sport, we have got to start thinking more of the animals.
There's an interesting thought.

That was one of the big story lines about the Derby -- the Western horses and artificial surfaces.
They are too gallant for their bodies. Dammit.
It's what dancinghorse said over at buymeaclue's place.

The running is what they *are.*

But we're making them do too much, too soon, and it's not survivable.
Every year I get to play the conflicted emotions game - the thrill of watching vs the sadness of knowing that, pagentry aside, the horses don't do very well out of this at all.

The track at Keenland is one of the synthetic tracks - here's hoping more tracks adopt it, and soon, because it's supposed to be a way to help protect the horses.
"Green and long grew the grass on Snowmane's Howe..."

now I'm crying. I always cry for the horses.
Well, yeah.

They just are what they are. It's why I love them.
Absolutely. I'm utterly horrified.

I'm thinking when Big Brown startled after his winning interview, that it was the gun putting her down. But of course they didn't want to say that.
I believe they use lethal injection now.

The ambulances weren't on the track yet, though, in any case; I think he shied at the downed horse.

Oh, God damn it. Not again.
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