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December 2021



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bear by san


Wordcount: 1492
Reason for stopping: Finally kicked the butt of that damned sex scene. Why is healthy sex so much harder to write than deeply emotionally traumatic sex?

In other news, I feel *much* better than I did this afternoon, and the boy is getting pizza. Yay boy! Yay pizza!

Also, my hands hurt less. And The Fall of the Kings is really, really, really good.



On the emotionally traumatic sex...erm *has no comment*

And FotK is indeedy, very good.

Have you seen that interesting masculine/feminine writing analyser thingy, btw? I think it was mentioned on Neil Gaiman's blog.
LoL! I actually lj'd it yesterday or the day before. It can't decide what I am, and it thinks Kit Marlowe's a girl. (No comment.)

I didn't see it in Gaiman's blog, but I did in Jed Hartman's.

And The Fall of the Kings is really, really, really good.

You have no idea how glad I am to hear that...
I'm adoring it. And you know how hard to please I am *g*
And it's why the history of sexuality tends to be about sexual transgression (rape, infanticide, criminalised acts such as sodomy, etc), or sexual problems, individual or communal (divorce cases, prevention of venereal diseases, etc). People who were just happily getting on with it were fairly invisible; though there was, also, a fair amount of equally invisible quiet desperation which never broke out into the public domain (spousal murder, e.g., fairly rare in proportion to number of bad marriages).

I think that's a chocolatey RAM-chip moment: I mean, good news isn't news, unless it's unusual.
Less conflict. Exactly. Unless you can inject some conflict, things are boring.

It's a good button to have. *g*

Good points all

And don't believe that virginity is solid. It can be far more traumatic than people would have you believe.

Peer pressure is very real and there were girls in my school who had sex merely so that they wouldn't teased for being virgins. Very bad reason, in my book.

Of course, mine own Redfern came up with a suggestion that I personally don't tend to write healthy sex scenes because I don't usually write for titillation, and that's all they would be.

::All characters glare and chorus Sadist::

Re: Good points all

Healthy sex scenes certainly can serve a purpose beyond titillation. Character development and plot complications, to name two. *g*

Re: Good points all

But mine never does


They always end up far too angsty.

Re: Good points all

Angsty is not so bad either.

Re: Good points all


How do you stand on the debauching of cathedrals?

::It has ridiculous rooftiles. Besides, it wasn't as if God was *there*::

How do you stand on the debauching of cathedrals?

I find it's easier to sit and/or slouch. Possibly lie down or kneel. And if you're on the roof, safer, too.

And God is everywhere. Unless Kit is right, and he's nowhere, and everywhere is Hell.

Re: How do you stand on the debauching of cathedrals?

::grins:: The roof is a little exposed, so dark corners indoors will be utilised.

Please give generously on your way out.

::Marlowe had no conception of what hell truly is::

Ignore him. He's bitter.

Re: How do you stand on the debauching of cathedrals?

I have a well-tuned character-ignorer. *g*

Re: How do you stand on the debauching of cathedrals?

I only wish I did ;)

Unfortunately the boys take advantage of the fact that I love them.

*Never* fall for a character. It rarely works out, as any of the VC can vouch for.