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once you know you can never go back

Some reasonably awesome news on the overseas front.

Blood & Iron is going to be a graphic novel in France, brought out by Soleil Productions. Or more precisely, three graphic novels--volume 1 is forthcoming in January '09 (tentatively), and a second and third volume should follow on a yearly schedule.

It will be a French translation, obviously. No word yet if or when there may be an English version, but as Soleil does work with Marvel, there is hope. (It may wind up being a little like that classic Late Night With David Letterman bit where he had a team of translators take the Beatles' "Yesterday" from English through six other languages and back again, but then again, that might be an improvement! You never know!)

This pleases me no end. As some of you know, B&I started life as a graphic novel script, so in a way it's come full circle. And I get to fulfull my twenty-year ambition of seeing the Kelpie on a splash page.*

So here's to a glorious future for Sang et Fer, yah?

*::puts a quarter in the pun jar without even being ordered::
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