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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls marlene make my day

the murky black water grinds your bones into sand, the catfish pick off your eyes

1119 words on "The Red in the Sky is our Blood" today, bringing the total to a little over four thousand, or about a third of the projected length. Calling it a day with that, as I also seem to have found the plot, though I know I need to go back and raise the stakes and inject a little tension into the proceedings.

I think I'm cured. How awesome is that?

Now I get to eat something and then goof off and read until it's time to go climb.


That is totally awesome.
I think I'm cured. How awesome is that?

Fucking awesome, I tell you what. I am so glad you're out of that... gods, what's a good phrase for it? That mental bog.
Finding one's purpose in life is kind of an awesome thing. The problem is, however, that when one has a purpose in life and can't do it, one starts to feel like life is entirely without purpose.

And, you know. Not even having the attention span to read a book is pretty hard.
I empathize very, very much.
Oh,yes. That is so true.
I'm sorry if I missed it, but what the hell were you taking? I mean, specifically, manufacturer and dose? (it was a vitamin supplement, right?)
It was just a women's formula daily multivitamin and mineral.

I've pitched the bottle, so I can't answer the other questions.
That's pretty crazy. Glad you're off that and back on the ink. (uh, metaphorically)
As awesome as fresh shoggoth bread?

"I think I'm cured. How awesome is that?"

Most! :-) Congrats!!! :-)

Wonderful! Congrats. Hope you have some good climbs.
I tolt you a hunnert times, don't smoke the blue kryptonite.

Good to hear..
Go YOU! That's fabulous!
(completely off-topic, but...)

Hi! I've never actually read any of your books besides Companion to Wolves (and I avidly read and re-read Shadow Unit). But-- I was in Barnes and Noble today, and I saw that they had a good amount of your books. I know from reading your site that some of your works have been published out of order or are being revised/updated, so I wanted to ask you what YOU think I should read first as an introdution to Bear-dom.

Thanks in advance!

I guess the question is, what do you like?
Haha, that probably is a good place to start.

Hm. I've been really warming up to urban fantasy, but I still have a place in my heart for High Fantasy and Quests to Save the World.
And, if it's any indication, I'm also in love with Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths series.
Um....I pretty much cover the SF/F board, now I think about it. The only think I tend to lean away from is space and ALIEM SPACE ADVENTURES!1!!!1 (except, you know, Douglas Adams. But I don't think that counts, because I don't know anyone who reads his stuff for the action and adventure) because I've gotten both Star Trek and Star Wars--and later, Stargate--shoved down my throat since the womb.

Yeaaah, rambling now. Sorry XD.

Well, you can try Blood & Iron, which is out in trade now and is conveniently coming out in paperback in June, or you can try Ink & Steel, which comes out in trade in July, or hold out for All teh Windwracked Stars at the end of October.

How's that?