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"They can't keep us apart!"

David Rossi. Feminist. So wrong. And yet so right.
Okay, Dave. You're mine now. All is forgiven.
Just don't assume Garcia is your secretary again, all right?

Also, Eddie Bernero is a lying liar who lies, and I love him for it.

in which CM's Wonder Twins (Deb and Erica) deliver the goods...

Okay, cold open with the little reminders of everyday ways we breach our own security? Yeah. Like that. which we equate stalking with terrorism, and terrorism with domestic violence. Because my show is a feminist show, and Deb + Erica = OTP

"What if she isn't... lying?" Rossi FTW!!!!!!!!! Jesus. When did that happen?
Black female Cop Prosecutor of the week, Drink!

Also, JJ's admin assist is a hot boy. I LOVE MY SHOW

"Where's Mom and Dad?" Oh, man. I'm not yet ready to accept Rossi as Dad. Sorry, man. But anyway. DRINK! And Prentiss backs up Jaje in public, even if she questions her in private. My show does women well.

Hotch gets it, and the white male COTW has the hots for Jaje. Go figure.

In an IM convo with beatriceeagle, one thing we talked about was that Gideon gambled with his team. Hotch gambles on them. He trusts they'll be where they need to be to cover the ball.

Hotch is love.

"We've seen this before."
And Spencer has dealt with stalkers before....
The vic is a fighter, and nobody will gainsay Jaje. JJ is the secret master of the BAU! Drink!

And every time I think Reid's hair can't get any worse... it gets worse. Even if you can remember dates, Spence, you need a haircut.
"I got my hands on him--" Hah. Male aggression does not help protect women from male aggrassion. Love, the FBI. See Susan B. Anthony quote for details.

Oh, my girls are love. They are love. JJ, you have blossomed, honey.

Anniversaries. "It was a Tuesday." Reid cracks the case!

"Any... indiscretions." JJ, now is the time to say it's not your fault.

...Reid is cruising the UNSUB's bicep. 0.0

You know, I'm sort of sad that they're in Boston, and Gideon is not there to hyperventilate.
"She's not bright." And the kids are... brainwashed. Wow. Rossi's shudder of recognition there is very nice and understated.

Dognapping! Oh Noes!
Ryan and Carrie as a team is nice.
Poor Brody. :-(

"I thought he was just messing with her." PSA: Dear America, stalking is serious shit. Love, the FBI.

"Within reason, do what he wants." The girls are a team. And they want to protect the victim.

"Two mattresses."
"That's less intimate."

"The family that abuses together--"
David Rossi is winning me over. Who the hell knew he had a clue?

"Something is missing." Hotch cracks the case!
I'm kind of liking the two-parallel-cases schtick.

Profile! Drink!
I miss my greenscreeeeeeens.
And Spencer Reid is still the Voice of Experience regarding stalkers.
"We all know domestic disputes can be the most violent"

"I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not."
And ROSSI FTW, again. Who am I, and what have I done with Bear? Who is this guy, and what has he done with David Rossi?
"You kept trying."
"I didn't have any kids."
And god, this scene is one of the best ones I've seen on this show. Rossi is talking about Rossi, Hotch, honey. Dave wanted kids. And Hotch, of course, projects. And thinks Rossi is criticizing Hotch.
No, Aaron, sweetie. That one wasn't about you. Dave was offering a confidence.
"Well, we've got four failed marriages between us. We're experts at something."
"Everybody has their breaking point."
I was hoping for some JJ and/or Emily backstory, but hey, Rossi backstory. And Relevant to the plot at hand even.

Garcia is back to blonde! And Pen cracks the case!
She has no existence outside her husband. Gah.

"That was your decision."
JJ's flinch is telling.
Ryan, Carrie was trying to play fair. She may have been wrong. But she was trying to play fair.

The victim cracks the case!

"What else is there to say? I shot him." Oh, Hotch's face. He looks old.
"No, never. Not even when I probably des--" Hello, Stockholm syndrome.

"I didn't want to embarrass my kids out in public, too."
Oh man. See, this is weher Dave won me over. Finally. The wince, and the look aside. Yeah. He's identifying, and it's too much for him.

"You're not helpless, Carrie." Morgan to the rescue. Sir Galahad comforts the victim. Heck, yeah. Way to identify, man.
I like Emily in the striped boy-shirt. </shallow>
"JJ okay?"
"She will be."

Morgan says, we do not profile each other. And yet. Here he goes again....
The eyes-closed wince and headturn is a thing of beauty. Hey, did you know Shemar Moore can act?
Ohhh, do not go to the meeting. This will only end in tears.

Look, Prosecutor* of the Week. Have you heard of Stockholm Syndrome?
That sound you just heard was the penny dropping.
*Hotch's old job!

"Why is it that men so easily believe that the woman must somehow be the victim?"
...oh, the trope. The undermine. My show. I loves it.

Oh, crap, the UNSUB is smart.
...and so is the victim. Criminy.
And Garcia cracks the case!
And JJ cracks the case!

"I was finishing up the laundry."
So matter of fact. So wonderful.
And Hotch's look at the prosecutor. Sidelong.
Aaron Hotchner, I love you. You have spoiled me for nonfictional men.

Oh, my girls. Front and center. And Emily feeding Carrie the lines.
Yeah, my show is pretty sure the audience can keep up with it now. Smart women. Smart women, saving the day.
...and the vic cracks the case. And saves herself. And talks the UNSUB down.
God, I love my show.

Tackle! DRINK! Susan B. Anthony quote!

Oh. Rossi walks past
Emily goes in
Dave, you were doing so well there.

"We really need to talk." Yeah. Next season. Right.
Holy shit. JJ can learn.
Who would have guessed it?

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