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he didn't notice that the lights had changed

Well, after a really good day climbing Monday, yesterday stank on ice. My left shoulder was bothering me a lot and the stomach did not like the cashews I had as a pre-climb snack, so I tried my project wall, and could barely even get on it, and then did two easy routes and watched Alisa and The Jeff climb for a while, and then came the hell home and watched Criminal Minds. Fail! But I will do better Monday.

Still, disappointing, as after Monday's general air of success I was hoping for another good day. Perserverance, however, is critical.

It's a cool, gray today with the promise of rain. I'm not going for a run, as I am declaring a recovery day (there may be climbing Saturday, if the weather is good, and there will be running tomorrow) but I might go for a walk later. If I get enough work done. And don't decide to curl up with a book instead.

Meanwhile, right now, I'm going to make coffee, shower, and see if I can get my words done early. There's archery tonight, after all. We'll see if my shoulder and neck are up to it. I'd like them to be, because I've been improving there, too, after a long plateau, and I don't want to lose ground.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks
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