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bear by san

March 2017



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show & tell

Shadow Unit Episode 1x07, "Overkill," is live.


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Shadow Unit! Chaz!
*lives to serve*
squee! EARLY! :)
"Shadow Unit" salvaged Thursday for me.

I was in an Excel training at a college site with folks from work.

It was a touch basic for me, and there was internet access.

My boss figured out I replying to e-mail (I don't think she was too upset), so I needed something long to read, rather than things I needed to reply to.

I finished Episode 5 (wow) and made it through most of Episode 6.
Very, very glad to be of service.
*grabs leftover tomato risotto and starts reading*

*pushes risotto away, never to be hungry again*
Yeah. That was a bad one.
-- and I take it we're riffing off Saw this week?

Nice. Very nice.

Never seen it. Never had any interest in seeing it.
Damn. That was amazing.
Thank you!
Wow. Okay, that was wondrous. And very cool to see Chaz's superpower in action at last...

Good grief, the extent to which the poor lad has to self-monitor is frightening.

Definitely love Reyes after this. But it's interesting how he was prepared to ask Chaz to put himself in danger (or at least use it if he ended up there), but spits the dummy in epic fashion when Brady and Lau do it. Even with his prior agreement. H'mmm.

This host was horrible. Good job there.
Thank you!

Chaz spends most of his life checking gauges. It's true.

We have a saying around the writer's room: "It's a hard job, being Stephen Reyes."

Re: The Host... we figured it was about time for a real, no-holds-barred, this is what we mean when we say gamma gamma. Glad you approve.

Er. That's the wrong word, innit?
I find it really interesting how the perspective of the episodes has shifted-- in the beginning of the season I felt like the episodes were told through Daphne's perspective, or through other agents following Daphne and Chaz's reactions. The last few episodes, though, have really focused on Brady and Lau, who seem to bring a lot more cynicism and, at times, hurt, and it's really fascinating to me to see that.

I found the tucking the hearts into bed to be profoundly disturbing, but (and maybe I am just seriously messed up) the most awesome mental image ever. That'll stick with me.

"They're gonna need some spackle" made me laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh.
Hopefully, we are building an ensemble cast, so we can use the right eyes for any given case. We hope, any way.

Thank you!
Just done reading. Dayyyum, that was good.
Also, I am very, very, very glad that I did not read that just before going to bed. There's a pile of images in there that're going to stick with me, but hopefully they'll let me sleep first.
Thank you. We hope not to have disturbed your rest....
I think I read too much Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman growing up. I laughed my way through that one; the horror was at a level where I admire the artistry and forget to actually be horrified. Nice balance, there; I’ve seen Peter David and Kage Baker mix drama and humor well, but this is the first time I’ve seen horror added to the concoction.
Thank you, I think. ;-)
That...was brutal. In a sort of cold, crystalline way, with blood on the shards of it. Fantastic, too. I kept having to remember to breathe normally.
Thank you. That's a lovely bit of description, by the way.
Ooooooh, this one was squicktastic in the most horrible, wonderful way. *delighted shudder* Talk about reading while peeking through your fingers!

Reading that was the best mother's day present I got this year.
Thank you!
Whoa, girl! "Overkill" is highly appropriate. That one's more gruesome than most slasher flicks! I'd match it at a level with the Saw series.

On a side note: Love how you worked your love of climbing in there. You've been chomping at how to work that in for a while now, huh? (:
Thank you.

And no, actually, the reverse. I took it up so I could write Chaz and Daphne better.
Favorite word: "Ketosis."

First time I really got that these are not happy superpowers, and I *really* don't want to have them.
It's a great word to say, isn't it?

They're such USEFUL superpowers, though...
Just read Episode 7. Very good, you are doing something new, i think, although i cant describe it. But it works.
Thank you! New for me, or new in general?
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