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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

you made your son joseph a dangerous man

Five random things make a post:

1) We saw a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers nesting in a dead snag, yesterday. I have never seen a red-bellied woodpecker before. The male and female had somewhat different cries, which was interesting, and the male's head (I assume it was the male, because he was outside the nest and the other bird was inside) was a brighter red.

2) Abby Irene just gave me a motivation. Thank you, Abby Irene. She is such a joy to work with.

3) Snippet from Seven for a Secret, because I rather liked this bit:

Abby Irene folded her aching hands. "It is just possible," she said softly, "that this is the opportunity we have been waiting for."

Sebastien's thin mouth tensed. He had known before he spoke to her of it, she saw. And he was too much the gentleman, still, to point out that we in this case meant Abigail Irene Garrett, and the wampyr who indulged her insane schemes.
4) The cat just totally fell asleep sitting up. Yes, I pushed her over. What do you take me for? (Apparently, she was exhausted by sleeping on my head all night. Hard work, that!) New indoor sport: cat tipping.

5) *toil, toil, toil*


I'm not certain what part of the country you're in, but we have a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers here and have for awhile now. We live in MA. Years ago this would have been surprising but they are moving into the area in greater numbers! We had a turkey on our deck the other day which was amusing.
4) The cat just totally fell asleep sitting up. Yes, I pushed her over. What do you take me for? (Apparently, she was exhausted by sleeping on my head all night. Hard work, that!) New indoor sport: cat tipping.

In utterly unrelated news, Frigg -- who has taken, over the past few weeks, to sitting on the sofa next to me while I write on the laptop -- has discovered Exercise. That is, she periodically wakes up, decides she wants to be on the other side of me (either the armrest or the other cushion) and leaps across the laptop.

She was aversion-trained to avoid human laps before she moved in here. She will sometimes try and walk across the keyboard, but always watches me nervously as she does so. But for some reason, leaping across it is permitted ...
Well, surely you knew that. It's in the cat handbook, page 4576, paragraph 5, subparagraph 2.

Cat tipping!

Nina rather selfishly never falls asleep sitting up, even after a hard night of rampaging through the house abusing Charlie (who is twice her size) and then sleeping on my head.

Five random things provoke responses

1)"WTF?" moment. I was sure that read:

We saw a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers nesting in a dead stag, yesterday.

2)We likes motivation for our characters, we does.

3) Lovely quote Please, Ms, may I have some more? :)

4) Awww - poor cat. (Cat-tipping! *giggles*)

5) Back to work! *cracks whip*
Yesterday afternoon I took shameless advantage of the Young Cat Who Has No Use for Monkey and petted him while he was groggily stretching out the kinks after his nap. He finally woke up enough to conclude this was an indignity up with which he should not put.

I got to listen to a mocking bird Saturday afternoon.
Red-bellied Woodpecker males have redder heads. And yeah, they sometimes feed the female (and do feed the young).

Cat tipping. 35%?
With cats, it's more like 100%. It's sort of a "just give me all of your stuff, and I'll let you manage it for me when I'm not using it" type deal.

Re: nrs. 2 & 3 - I am now in possession of a shiny copy of the New Amsterdam paperback, and am currently rereading "Lucifugous" (read most of it on the bus home from work today). This makes me happy, and hearing that there're more New Amsterdam stories in the pipeline makes me even happier. Now, if my friendly local bookstore could get in A Companion To Wolves... Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait for the paperback.
We're doing our best to bring you quality entertainment, anyway....
*laughs* I like that definition of "we."
We briefly housed a Siamese cat (usually referred to as "the dumb blonde") who had been declawed on all four ends.

Sometimes she would forget this, and this led to her dozing off on a lap, losing her balance, and falling off. You didn't even have to tip that cat over; she'd do it herself given enough time.

And a squirrel got into the screen porch (through one of the numerous holes they chew in the folks' screens), and I stomped noisily after it. The squirrel panicked, forgot where the exit holes were, and began head-butting the screens in its panic to escape from the Stompy Cane Monster. Eventually it found a way out, but I took too much glee in tormenting a squirrel. Meanwhile, barn wrens got into the porch and are building a nest.

Ah, wildlife.
Ah, squirrels.

I once caught a taxi in rural Devon. The road was a sunken single-track, surrounded by dense hedges (with passing places every half mile or so). We were proceeding along it at a sensible speed when the driver slows, because he's seen a squirrel sitting in the middle of the road.

The squirrel finally notices the Wheely Monster bearing down on it, and so does exactly what he shouldn't -- and runs away, straight down th road.

After chasing the silly thing for a bit (in first gear), the driver gets impatient and toots his horn. The squirrel jumps. So he toots it again. Watch the squirrel jump! This turns out to work so reliably that it looks like the squirrel's jump reflex is hard-wired to the taxi's horn button, and the driver's in danger of running off the road due to laughter by the time the squirrel's solitary brain cell cuts in and it and suddenly dashes sideways into the hedge ...

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I read that as 'nesting in a dead stag', and now I'm going to go to bed with that image.
Yeah, I totally read it that way too.
Abby Irene! I *like* her. I'm glad that you have a contract for more about her and Sebastien.
Thank you.