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bear by san

March 2017



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writing headbang

thou shalt not shake it like a polaroid picture.

1525 words on Seven for a Secret today, which gets me just over 10K Word count, or 11750 SMF. Pretty good for a day when I woke up with no idea what the next scene would be. I was going to stop after 1300, but realized that I could break 10K with just a little more work, so I pushed on into the next scene and wound up finishing it. (Short scene, yes.)

Same-sex couples make pronouns complicated. This may be the secret reason behind much heteronormativity.


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Same-sex couples also make it hard to remember which name went with whom. Also, possibly, the secret reason behind heteronormativity.
Until you meet a couple named Chris and Stacy. And are like "Which one was which?" no matter WHAT gender they are.

Of course, there's always the possibility of really hitting the jackpot with a same-sex couple. Or even friendship. It's a good thing I go by Bear in fandom, because truepenny and I are both Sarah Elizabeths.

Imagine the fun.
Abbey Irene. *happy dance*

I've heard that writing same-sex porn/erotica is good training because one can't simply let the pronouns tell who's doing what to whom.
It's not sex that's the issue. It's blocking.

everyone gets confused?

That makes Proofreaders more than a little necessary.
Good proofreaders are Must-Haves.

Re: everyone gets confused?

Which could lead to a truly awful pun, which I will not make.
Transgendered individuals make that even more complicated. I tried to write a story with a genderqueer character. I may have succeeded in other ways, but I totally failed on the pronoun front.

Pronouns are sneaky little suckers. Tricksy! False!
That was my World's! cleverest! bit of stuntwriting in Dust, and nobody noticed it.

The hermaphroditic character has no pronoun. *g*


What phrases have you been referring to each of the partners by?

What would it sound like if you demoted those phrases to pronouns?

I'm thinking the secret masters of the English language ought to make pronouns out of "first" and "second," the better to abbrev. legalese "the party of the first part," etc. That's pretty much how Lojban handles these things, anyhow.

Re: pornouns

Now I must ask if you spelled your subject line "pornouns" on purpose, because it's as amusing as all heck. I love painful puns.
Same-sex couples make pronouns complicated.

Wow, I'm so happy to hear you say that. I've been wondering whether it really was complicated, or if I'd just missed out on the simple way of dealing with this. (Sometimes, I end up with the "let's replace pronouns with proper names" editing pass when writing a story with same sex couples.)
Well, the simple way would be to write in Korean, where apparently pronouns are not used much (as I was just told by a reliable source) or Mandarin, where "ta" is used for either "he" or "she".

Not sure that's *easier*, though!
Same-sex couples make pronouns complicated.

Whenever I have a pronoun problem, I quietly wish that we'd stolen a little more from Latin on our way to modern English.

ea vs. illa helps ever so much.
Latin is brilliant - it has 3 levels of distance: eg suo, eius, and illius for "his" (and for "hers"? I'm presently learning Latin by reading the Psalms and there's not a lot of chicks running around there).

Malagasy has 7 levels of distance for the "this -> that" range, but not for pronouns IIRC.

If you could put together English's his/her/its distinction, and Finnish's lack of distinction, and Latin's suo/eius/illius distinction, and Maori's you-singular-and-I/him-and-I/you-plural-and-I/them-and-I distinctions, we'd have almost enough pronouns to get by with.
"SMF", Gracie?
*cheers for word count*
Same-sex couples make pronouns complicated.

The challenge makes the writing fun.

One finds that one is more amused by such matters as one grows older. One does not recall how one managed in one's youth, but one supposes that one did. One gathers that in some benighted places one must indicate one's sex -- one's gender, if one is going to be active, one supposes -- but one doesn't know why one bothers.
Makes me wonder if homosexuality had been more accepted in the time that our language was developing (we're talking Saxons and Normans here), would we have developed pronouns that would differentiate?

Sad that my old history of language professor is so far away. I'd love to see his face when I asked him that. *G*
Same-sex couples make pronouns complicated.

Six-person group marriages are worse.
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