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December 2021



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and there for honey bees have sought in vain

Well, this is excellent news...

(Starred review) Ink and Steel: A Novel of the Promethean Age
Elizabeth Bear. Roc, $14 paper (448p) ISBN 978-0-451-46209-1

Campbell-winner Bear reveals the secret war between fae and the Elizabethan court in this dramatic prequel to Blood and Iron and Whiskey and Water. Framed with the intrigues of queens and courtiers, the story focuses on the mutual respect and growing love of Kit Marley (aka Christopher Marlowe) and Will Shakespeare. As Morgan le Fey rescues Kit from assassins, various factions recruit Will to bolster their political machinations with the magic of poetry. Kit pulls Will into Faerie and both are forced to face their own deepest desires and fears, which cannot be resolved until they deal with a power even higher than mortal Queen Elizabeth or fae Queen Mab. Copious quotes and intelligent speculation about their lives and works mark this sensitive and sensual look at the two supreme playwrights of the English Renaissance. The story's second half, Hell and Earth, is due out in August. (July)

162.9 miles to Lothlorien.

In other news, I will never understand how my body can be competent one day and inept the next. I managed a jog for about a half mile out and a half mile back this morning, but mostly twinges in my right hip, both calves, and my right shin meant I walked the rest. In urban wildlife noted, however, I did see a cottontail rabbit in the middle of a residential street at around 6:45 am. And two lovely dogs out for a morning constitutional with their persons--a German shepherd and a springer spaniel. I am so very dog-deprived.

The cat opines that SHE is not dog-deprived at all, thank you, and also that she would like to warm her feet up on my thigh. So move the laptop, Monkey!


Weird Semagic strikes again.

Try it now.
And spoilery!

At least it wasn't two persons taking their morning constitutional while being walked with their dogs... you may have started sprinting despite the pain.
I am chronically well-hydrated.
That's a very nice, tantalising review. :)
I will never understand how my body can be competent one day and inept the next.

That makes two of us.

I mean, I wonder about my body's seemingly effortless switch between competent and inept, not yours:P I run intervals with Helge (or, rather, he runs intervals with me), and while one day I can jog for most of the three miles, two days later I may manage, like you today, half a mile one way and half a mile the other. Bodies = strangeness.
Oh, that is an awesome review! Congrats!
let's hope the lits are amused. this looks good, perhaps i will purchase that volume... hehehehehehehehehe
seriously congrats.. I can hear my future self right now going "Gee i wish i had another life to study Elizabethean drama in so i could get more than 38% of this book.. Carry on..
Oh, you could probably catchup on teh research in six months, fast as you read...
fast as i used to read you mean.. Getting married has ruined my concentration, or was that my loneliness? something, and i'm sure it's all T's fault..
I've never read any of your books, but I want to. Should I get and read this one first? (I like reading things in their correct order.) Or a different one? It sounds great =D
It depends on what you like!

Hey, that is a Gorey quote I have been known to chant to myself in traffic jams. ;-)
[i]In other news, I will never understand how my body can be competent one day and inept the next. [/i]

Dear Bear:

Please come to terms with being organic.

Lov and kisses,

The God of Chickens
There's organic, and then there's erratic.
While looking up the official release date, I happened to notice the LC subjects that OCLC has assigned to Ink & Steel.

Alphabetically, the book is classified under:
  • Dramatists -- Crimes against -- Fiction
  • Fairies -- Fiction
  • Great Britain -- History -- Elizabeth, 1558-1603 -- Fiction
  • Imaginary wars and battles -- Fiction
  • Magicians -- Fiction
  • Prometheus Club (Imaginary organization) -- Fiction
  • Secret societies -- Fiction
  • Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Fiction
I was curious about that "Prometheus Club" subject, so crossreferenced to see what other titles shared that categorization.

I found four:
  1. Blood & Iron
  2. Whiskey & Water
  3. Ink & Steel and
  4. Hell & Earth
You appear to have your very own Library of Congress Subject Heading.


Alas, poor Kit does not get a mention. Which is, come to think of it, thematically appropriate.
Yeah, I noticed that as well.

But catalogers only have a limited # of terms they're supposed to apply to a work (which is why it's considered such a frustrating specialty within library science)