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The problem of conventions is that they tend to screw me up for days on either side, with regard to productivity. And so, like a sensible Bear, I am declaring a mini-vacation before WisCon. So both "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood" and Seven for a Secret are on hold until after WisCon. At which point, perhaps SfaS will have filled up my head with the mad uncontrollable desire to write.

Sometimes, the craftsmanship lies in knowing when to walk away and let things sit a little.

Now, with the rearrangement of my deadline schedule and my ability to concentrate and work returned to me, I am actually in pretty good shape regarding deadlines, so I can afford the cooking time. Which is good, because the story needs cooking time, I think. Which means I will have time to do laundry tomorrow, and bring the cat up to stay with grandma. Poor grandma.

So I think I'm going to take this opportunity to go play a little guitar, because I have been bad about that lately.
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