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[Shadow Unit Fourth Wall Locked.] fat bottomed girls, they make the rocking world go 'round.

The reason this is fourth-wall locked is because I'm on the same wall (though not the same route!) as Daphne is, over in cvillette's journal. And of course that's impossible, as her wall is in Maryland, and mine is in Connecticut.

[16:09] tanaise: (this is a trick.  bear will get you to agree, and then send you a photo of them airlifting an orca.)
[16:10] matociquala: It just appears to be somebody airlifting an orca
[16:11] tanaise: Clearly there's a limit to how slimming black is.  cause i've seen orcas. 

Because nothing is more interesting than photos of a fat girl's butt from 20 feet below....

Yes, I finally finished that overhung 5.7Collapse )

My toe held out pretty good, too. And I did a new route, because they took down my warmup 5.7, so I did the replacement. The new one isn't rated yet, but I think it's about a 5.6.  I guess having finished this route--though not without resting, dammit--means I need to start working on the one on the barrel vault. And get back to the blue one that kicks my ass. And keep doing this one.

You know, some of that weight can come off any time it's ready.

If it ever does, though, I will have all the RAR! in the world, because I'm doing this stuff in the equivalent of a fifty-pound pack, at this point.

Yes, that is a dead muppet strapped to my ass. *g* And I really like my calf muscles in the first one. My massage therapist compliments my calf muscles frequently.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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