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"You wanna see a super fox?"

We're going to be quick and dirty this week, just the highlights, because I am on the road.

Spoilers, you are shocked to discover, behind cut.

Opening shot, NYC, all its bustling transportation architecture. And the vaguely middle-eastern looking guy, with everyone's sideways glances. And because my show is my show, he's the victm.


Nice cold open.

And nice CM signature time lapse fade out Bors' arrow slit Hotch's office window. Shiny!

JJ and the crib. I guess we're keeping the baby. And she's more relaxed with Will now...

"It could be people aren't even registering the gunshot until the UNSUB is leaving the scene."

Ahh, Chris Mundy, sir. I like your style.

Hotch Voltaire quote.

"You guys can joke all you want, because I am never. leaving. this plane." Garcia = love. She's so perky, and yet that line could be so sinister.

Reid huddled under his airplane blanket is hysterical.

There's no connection.

I am very entertained by the Hotch-Joiner-Morgan dynamics.

And the girls are catty in the back. *love* The JJ-Garcia-Prentiss friendship is one of the great chick relationships in all TVland.

Reid, dorky wave, drink.

Nice glasses, Pen. (KV hasa gorgeous smile.)

"I see you brought your own computer." Quite an assembly of COTW this episode....

"It's been my experience that having one butt on the line is enough."

"They liaised..." And the girls are STILL catty in the back.

"Hey, so, what's your partner's problem?" Oh, see, I love how Reid steps up to take that bullet, and Emily comes around to back him up/eavesdrop. Geek solidarity.

"What am I thinking?"
The look Reid gives Emily is love.

UNSUB shot!

Lisa Bartleby, I like you. "I hardly ever get visitors."

Insert technobabble here!

Pen is teaching the surveillance cop how to catch a serial killer.

The dissipated punker chick in the crowd scene made me smile. Nice boots.

Footwork montage!
Look at all those lingering shots of the surveillance monitors. And the people on the street watching the cops.
This is one of the scenes that makes me think the most likely victims of the bombing are Rossi or Morgan, because they are obviously in charge of that crime scene investigation.

Pen teaches coping mechanisms!
"You wanna see a super fox?" Drawing attention to Morgan. And that lovely fade from video to reality, as it were, moving through the surveillance feed to the scene. Work that theme with the visual imagery, guys.

"He knows when he's being filmed." JJ cracks the case.
If you will permit me a totally self-absorbed moment. I so crowed over Rossi's Mossad assassination line. (Yes, because it's a line I gave Gideon in one of my fanfics, more or less. *g* I'm afraid I really have read all the same books as the CM writers.)

"Organized, studies the cameras, carries a gun that's easy to conceal. Knows what he's doing."

And between them, Rossi and Morgan also crack the case, and also don't know it yet.

"He won't strike near where he lives."
And Prentiss and Reid explain the difference between a killer who operates in his comfort zone and one who doesn't.

"If it was truly random--" Yeah. Suck.

CommanderRiker Morgan's getting a promotion! ;-)

My show, I love you for your accurate use of Tarot symbolism. Hotch FTW. The BAU debunks again!

Rossi's forelock should have its own credit line. His hair has terrible continuity in this scene.

"He's telling us he knows we're here."

More than that, Dave. He's telling you he meant to bring you here. But more on that later.

Prentiss cracks the case! Penelope cracks the case!

"We've got more than one UNSUB!" Hotch states the obvious! Drink!

"Most teams stick together."
And we debunk gang initiation spree killing myths...

Morgan has a plan. He's gotten a lot calmer when confronted. And Emily wants to bite Hotch on his behalf.

"JJ." Reid has situational awareness. Will gets points for letting her tell them. Aww, Prentiss is delighted--Auntie Emily!--and Reid with the awkward hug.

And Mom is a good Mom. Even if he is a little sad she didn't tell them.
JJ defending her duty is a lovely thing. "Are you gonna give up your shield."

"Only if you let me win."
"Not a chance."

"We think there's something bigger at play here."
Dear America--here is how the DC sniper case actually played out....

This is a really dense ep.

"Cameras aren't designed to prevent crime."

Hello, dominance battle. Morgan picks a fight with Mom. *g*

The Rossi-Morgan scene here is really nice. "There are no sides here."
Nice, oblique conversation. Very much not on the nose. They're talking around what they mean, and it's lovely.
"I'll make you a deal."
We don't profile each other. Except all the time.

I like Joiner. "You spoke your mind. I respect that." She's brittle and aggressive, but she's also a good cop and she can take her lumps. And the reluctant little nod Morgan gives her is nice.

"Mouseketeer rolecall."

"This was private. It's only for us. They're ramping up to something. And they want us to know they're watching."

"If you saw all these traits taken out of context, what would be the first profile that popped into your head?"
Rossi and Reid FTW.

Cooper is profiling Prentiss back, without even realizing it.

And Lisa Bartleby cracks the case, with a little assist from Pen. Yep. They are watching you, guys. They are watching you.

Everybody turns to stare at the guy in the hoodie.

Nice double-tap, Em. I think you just earned yourself another icon.

Poor COTW. He was cute, now he's in an ambulance. Drink.

"This is not good."

"I shouldn't have had to shoot him."
""Emily, he shot a cop. You did what you had to do." (Refrain, drink.)
"No, no, not that."

I love Morgan trying to comfort Emily, and Emily profiling. Because she is dissociation-lass, and she compartmentalizes better than most people she never even blinks.

Oh Emily Prentiss, what happened to you?

And then Morgan catches on, and starts interviewing the witness.
"What if he chose this spot because we'd be here?" Emily cracks the case!

Yes, guys, Reid and Rossi have already figured that out. (I love the thing this show does where they show different members of the team getting to the same goal via different routes.)

"We think we might have a serious problem."

"I think they're targeting points of entry."
And Mom calms down the room.

"They've been watching us since the beginning."

"The one advantage that we have right now is that they don't know we know they're watching."
The first responders are the targets, guys. You wanna check that assumption, Joiner, the way you made Morgan check his?

Aww. Will volunteers to be a stay at home dad. *g* <3

Nice eyelash flutter at Hotch there, Jaje. *g* Yes, he is human.
Emily in the FBI windbreaker. "We think we know what this is about."

Reid drives! Finish your drink!


As you probably predicted, I did some obsessive frame-by-frame of the last thirty seconds. And my realization is that there is no continuity on the exploding SUV and any of the others.

Prentiss' has (well-lit) license plate 968N2, and is parked next to a tree and a "do not block intersection" sign.

Garcia's also has a tree and a plain lamp-post on the passenger side.

JJ and Will's is parked in front of a hotel facade.

Rossi's--where we never see the passenger side--is on a dark street.

Reid's has a tree and more ornate lamp post.

Morgan's is in front of a cop shop and we don't see the detail on the passenger side.

The SUV that blows up has the license plate darkened, and is actually not at a curb--it's mid-street at a red light with a no right turn sign. The backdrop doesn't match any of the others, which means it's either a red herring, or it's Morgan or Rossi (because we didn't see their backdrops), or... the continuity is screwed.)


My money is on Morgan or Rossi as the bombing victim, because we know the UNSUBs have been tracking the surveillance cameras, and they are the ones who have been in the field most heavily. Backup choices are Emily, JJ, and finally Hotch. Penelope is a possibility, if there's a mole in the police department and the camera thing is a red herring.

But I'm going with placing my bet on Morgan, because of that shot where Garcia draws Lisa's attention to him, and because "People notice" Morgan, and notice that he's good at his job.

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