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December 2021



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I am informed...

...that the mass market paperback of Blood & Iron exists. I haven't seen any yet, but I hear they're available in some brick-and-mortar stores.


Why does this disappoint you?
I got the trade paperback and read it. By 'mass market' you mean the pocket-sized thinger, right? Haven't seen it yet. But then I've spent the last couple weeks reading the reference manual for Ableton Live, and the complete Sherlock Holmes, so I've not been to the bookstore or library...

BTW our local public library buys mass market paperbacks and doesn't even bother putting the RFID strips in them. They just check them out until the fall apart and recycle them.
I bought it last weekend along with Whiskey & Water and New Amsterdam, the latter which I am currently reading and LOVING. It is so delicious, so delightfully rich. It's like literary dark chocolate. (I don't think this book could be any better if I ordered it out of a catalogue. Crime+Victoriana+Supernatural+ZomgAIRSHIPS=LOVE)

I keep wondering if DCI Garrett is related to Pat, but I haven't finished the book yet, so I should hold off on speculating.

/complete fangirl
Wow, that's a great review of New Amsterdam. Makes me want it even more. Thanks. :)
I got the trade paperback at B&N last weekend. Didn't see any mass market copies.

I prefer the trade version for work I like anyway.
Hmmm... here at the library, we've had the trade paperback version for quite a while. Also Whiskey and Water, plus I've requested that we order even more BearBooks. ;)
Not sure why you're disappointed, but I'm excited by this. I think I know what I'll be reading this weekend. (Poor student = mass market paperbacks only.)