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bear by san

March 2017



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and there's no sickness, toil, or danger in that bright land to which i go

The Shadow Unit Season 1 finale, Refining Fire, a novel by Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear....

...is live.


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yay, I know what I'll be doing tonight ;)
hot damn! I just finished the last final of my last class before a summer of (relative) freedom and med school in the fall. this is *perfect* timing.

thank you for not putting this up last night...because I would've stayed up and read it. ;)
This is why I check my f-list compulsively. I found out here entire minutes before my RSS feed updated. Minutes! Minutes I could have wasted not reading the finale!

Actually, I should get back to that right now.

I'm going to be good and go speak to Himself about his day before I re-read it. He came in as it went live.

Himself: I'm home.

Me: Finale of Shadow Unit just went up, like, three minutes ago.

Himself: Right. I'll talk to you when you're done reading.
He is a wise Himself indeed.
So far, so...bloody terrifying. Ouch. ~hides~
Y'all are gonna make me cry, aren't you?
We're gonna try.
EVIL! Both of you! EVIL!
Also, I am never again going to be able to listen to "Wayfaring Stranger" without getting chills and crying.
Apparently, we have succeeded in the Criminal Minds trick of ruining a popular song forever....
There goes the rest of the evening.

I am actually petrified, because the dining room scene in the penultimate episode was one of the most horrifying things I have ever read.

I mean that in a good way.
When I finally caught on that (spoiler) was Chaz's (spoiler) I flailed and squealed "NO WAY. No. NOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!"

I am on the edge of my sheet for more more more.
...I believed it when he said it...
For pure-dee, unfiltered evil this one gets an A+.

Bad Bear. Bad Bull. Bad, bad, bad, bad.

"Wayfaring Stranger" has always been a pretty freighted song for me anyway, right up there with "East Virginia" and its variations.

At least you all weren't working with "The Banks of the Ohio".
Kermit is flailing because the episode is live as in "high-tension wire".

when does new season start?
There's still four more installments in this story!

And then, um, 2009?
Holy hell. *bites nails*
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