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cowboy up, let's give it up

The good news is, coming home from WisCon has left me really eager to work, which is lovely. I think I shall make an attempt to get this editorial pass done this week, and then barricade myself in my apartment on Saturday and Sunday (barring a farmer's market trip, because I need fresh veg like whoa)

Still no WisCholera for me. This is 24 hours from my last potential exposure, so I'm hoping the ol' immune system is being muscular this week, and I'm making sure I get extra sleeps and lots of fresh fruit and fluids. Man the battlements! I hope I'll be able to go climb tonight. Need vertical time, oh yes. (Toes, be good to me.)

The last nitpicky go-over of By the Mountain Bound is actually kind of fun. Revising is so much lower-stress than creating. Not as exciting or euphorical, and sometimes full of endless fiddly work that will not quit, but it offers its own satisfactions. It will be good to finish something and put it to bed, and then I can come back to Seven for a Secret fresh. Current plan is to have BTMB done by Friday, and then blitz on SFAS Saturday and Sunday. Which may mean turning down climbing/hiking dates, but I really need to get some work done.

Wow. It feels so good to be working. I have missed this a lot, the sense of satisfaction I get from creating something, making it real, going over it meticulously and polishing it as carefully as possible.

There's also still the Secrit Projekt looming, but I am currently stalling on that so I can potentially crib from other Secrit Projekters, because I'm a little stuck on the worldbuilding.

I did get Dust read on the airplane, and marked up a copy madly. (Guess that's going to the archivist, huh?) I have discovered that I can, in fact, stand to read my own published work as long as I do it with a pen in hand. It makes the horrid infelicities less horrid. Found another continuity error. Oh well; editorial artifacts happen.

Also, my contrib copies of the Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy arrived, and I am pretty seriously geeked about them. "Sonny Liston Takes The Fall" is finally in print! (It's a Promethean Age story, for you completists out there, and possibly my favorite in that milieu.)

Yeah, good to be back in my chair, tapping away at the keys.

And now, another hour to work in before I go rescue the Presumptuous Cat from grandma's. Poor PC. It's a hard life.
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