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December 2021



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i am an orphan, on god's highway--

Refining Fire, Part 5, is live.

The final installment of the final episode of the very first season of Shadow Unit is live.

Thank you to coffeeem, willshetterly, truepenny, stillsostrange, and netcurmudgeon for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. And thank all of you for reading, encouraging, and playing along.

In other news, the first tropical storm of the Atlantic season is a day early, and his name is Arthur. And this is the best LOLsloth evar. And leahbobet has posted her version of my Upper Respiratory Death Drops cold tea recipe. (My version is in comments. It really works.)

And megmccarron links an awesome Tom Waits interview.


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Damn all things antitrust. Damn the need for a paycheck.

And from what I've been gathering allowing myself to be mini-spoiled so far, I don't know if I'll be SPEAKING to you after I read it...

(just kidding, of course)

...and I'm all angsty about both not reading it and eventually reading it.

Okay. Back to the audit. If I get through two more sections tonight I'm letting myself read.
Thank you too.
It's been fun watching this from one of the sidelines. There's nothing cooler than watching something go viral and seeing who gets ahold of it and passes it along.

In the face of all the incredibly cool, awfuul, terrible stuff in this, I hate to pick, but I was under the impression that it was sodium lights that had that weird yellow light, while mercury lights were that pale blue.

That's really trivial in the face of angels, I know.
At least Chaz wasn't trying to sing this, though.
Thank you for one damn fine piece of entertainment. :)

Meanwhile, someone linked me this today, and I thought of you -- it's a first-person-perspective video of a climber making his way across El Camino del Rey in Andalusia. It makes me dizzy, but I thought you might find it cool!
Best. Icon. Evar.

color me awed

Just in case, I should preface that this comment has spoilers.
holy fuck that was awesome. and frustrating. and it made me cry at certain points and get pissy at the same time.

I could actually see the scene in my head, the fire burning near the house, Worth checking Chaz out, Falkner screaming for Brady to tell her it was OK for the paramedics to come through.

Damn good job.

But now I want the next episode already. How long do we have to wait?

Re: color me awed

Thank you! There will be an announcement re airdates eventually, I think, but we're still working out those details
Oh God, how long do we have to wait to find out what happens next?

That was so incredibly good. And sad and horrible. What a payoff. I was so busy crying that my partner turned off her TV show to ask me if I was okay and what the hell was I doing on the computer that made me cry.

You guys are good. And cruel. Thanks for both. (c:
I am so glad it worked for you.

Did you find the epilogue easter egg?

Thank you


Am I ever glad I decided to be smart and not start reading it while in a hotel room in NJ earlier this week. (Is it silly of me to have made that decision based on their LJs?)

Wonderful, amazing people. I kept thinking of Perceval at the end.

Thank you.
Nice job.

(Distance, distance, distance...)
Hmm, how to put this without being too spoilery... I noticed a certain resonance between the theme song and this episode. Intentional? Or am I reading things in that weren't deliberately put there?
I wasn't around last night to give you my reaction, but wanted you to know I'm sitting here speechless, absorbing the events of the seventh day, and applauding you and coffeeem both. And the rest of the team, too, god.

::shakes head:: I haven't the words.

And this is only the *first* season?

wow wow wow

You all are both horrible and wonderful, and the writing is fantastic.

Gobsmacked. That is what I am. Wow.

That was a wonderful, tough read. You guys are so good.
I've just finished reading the whole thing.




Damn! You guys are GOOD!
apropos of nothing in the entry...

Damn but that's an awesome icon. I need to go read that play again. Or watch the movie, or something. "It would have been nice to have unicorns..."
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