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bear by san

March 2017



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warblogging the deathmarch, part 3

I have made and consumed brunch (an extraordinarily unhealthy repast consisting of steak and eggs, sourdough bread, cheddar cheese, coffee, nd sliced tomatoes) and brought myself to a whopping 1682 words. Strangely, this is going quite smoothly. All the pieces are in place for the earth-shattering kaboom, and I am pausing to imagine the scene before I get down to fisticuffs.

I wonder if this cathedral has electric lights or gaslamps, at this juncture. Also, I bet it's been retrofitted with an organ... or four.

This calls for more coffee.


Damn, that sounds tasty. A little too hot to cook like that down here, though, at least until after dark.
What's unhealthy about sliced tomatoes? :-)
The breakfast sounds no worse than what I cooked yesterday morning, which was my version of eggy bread. I cook up bacon, then fry bread in the bacon grease, cut holes in the bread, and fry an egg in each piece of bread. I also fry the cut-outs, and put them back on as fried bacony gooodness on top of the cooked egg and bread. It must be awful for us, but tastes great.

Organ? Spleen perhaps? *ducks for cover*
Ooooh. Mom called those 'toad in a hole'. Except in butter rather than bacon grease since she was allergic to pork and all its ilk.
I'd vote for electric lights in 1938 and you can bet a humungous organ or 4, yes. :) The kind where the base pipes give serious subsonics and make your stomach react. *g* Gotta love those cathedral acoustics - having heard The Planets and performed in Carmina Burana amongst others, in Wells.
Actually that sounds like the perfect breakfast for a deathmarch, except for the coffee (which is probably required for other reasons anyway). Plenty of protein so you won't get hungry for a long time, not much residue so you won't have to get up too often.