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you ever notice that draft and daft are only one letter apart?

Word knows "clerestory," but not "thaumaturgical" (it suggests "dramaturgical," much to my delight), "caul," "querulousness," "ancientry," "knacker," "Percherons," "planished," "intromitted," "reconsecrated," and "triforium."

I have made the executive decision to blow off climbing tonight and finish this fucking book. I am in fact not going to bed until I have a crappy first draft of this book. (It's a book, but it's not a novel. It's a novella. I know, tricky, isn't it?) Missing climbing makes me sad and annoyed, but it's what I get for not getting more work done this weekend/morning.

And there is always Wednesday.

Self-discipline sucks.
Tags: the cake is a lie, the horrors of self-discipline

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